What goes on inside the mind of a shooter

Every once in a while American’s are faced with the sad news of mass shooting of innocent people by someone who is crazy. Although each of the shooter has his own motives, most of them are psychopaths. Some are hate crimes, some do it is because they were mentally ill.

Whatever be the reason, I always wonder how one can become so aggressive that they resort to such barbarous acts. If you look into the details of most of these incidents, it turns out that they were well planned, some of them for months before carrying out the operation. In some cases the shooter kills himself after committing the crime, in some he is shot by the police and in some cases they are caught.

People say that such people should be hanged, I don’t agree with that but I cannot think of any other worse punishment for such a person either. I often wonder, if the person is mentally unwell then how come they plan out the operation so well? These are some of the mysteries that linger behind after every such incident and most of the time the questions are left unanswered.

When you study the motive behind these incidents almost 75% of them will be hatred towards something. Either a community or a person or an institution. Something that is triggered by what happened to them in their life. But no matter what has happened, is it still justified to kill innocent people? My answer is no.

Apparently, US has the most number of such incidents. If you take a survey on why such incidents are more in US than in any other country in the world – the answer is quite clear. The rules around possession of arms are quite lenient here. So is the availability of arms and ammunition. There has been a long debate going on for many years to impose more restrictions on the possession of guns and other firearms but little has been done to change it.

Once in every 2-3months we hear about such shooting. People sympathize, carry out investigations, media reports them for a few days and after that it is forgotten. Only thing that remains back is the scars left behind on the wounded people and the family and friends of the diseased.

What do you think can be done to reduce this?

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