What does Friday remind you of?


I generally make sure my Friday’s blog post is something light since Friday’s post is generally my last one for the week. Friday is generally the favorite day for most of us, mainly because it marks the beginning of the weekend.

People go to work late, take longer lunch breaks and also leave home early on Friday. The airports are busy due to weekend travelers, interstate highways are crowded and so on.

Friday reminds me of my first day at school. I was the second and last child for my parents and hence was pampered a lot. My parents did not send me to a daycare, playschool or nursery until I was 3.5yrs and it was time for me to start kindergarten in the new session. That is when my parents realized it was time to let me go.

The place where I grew up, getting into good schools was very competitive. Parents usually have to fill out applications well in advance to get their child admitted in the school. My parents had missed the deadline way back. However they pulled some strings and here I was stepping into the first day of my school.

Although I was too young to remember anything clearly but my first day at school is something I will remember all throughout. I feared going away from my parents. My parents got me to the school. I was probably the last one to enter my class. I clutched my dad’s hands tight not allowing him to let it go. My parents left me in the classroom and decided to leave. From the window of my class I could still see them on the corridor. I waved at them to come back but they waved back asking me to stay in. I watched as they walked away.

That is probably the only incident I remember of school in that year. Today when I think about it, I feel sad for all those parents who have to leave their kids away and go to work. Parents nowadays are forced to leave even a 3month old baby to day care due to other obligations. I am sure the kid doesn’t feel a thing but the parent sure does.

It’s hard to tell what is right and what is wrong. You cannot say that one is a bad parent because they leave their kids in day school neither is one who keeps their kid at home a good parent, as long as they know what they are doing is not harming their kids.

What does Friday remind you off?





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