Looking for online deals

A lot of us do not make efforts to look for deals online. When it comes to shopping we just go to the shop, buy whatever we need and return back. Most of us do not even take a look at the receipt when we get back home. I was once in the same category too until I realized how much overpriced most items are.

A long time ago, a friend of mine told me to check the receipt before I get into the car to head back home from the store. The reason is simple, the cashiers are after all humans and they can make errors. They work long hours and can swipe the same item twice or feed in the wrong number.

I knew a relative who worked in the bank as a teller and accidentally gave out an extra bundle of currency to one of her clients. I still remember how devastated she was that evening, she had to pay the amount back to the bank from her own pocket.

That was accidental and unfortunate but there are lots of us who don’t give out money accidentally, instead they pay a whole lot of money for things that are not worth it. A significant percentage of people ignore the great amount of deals that are available on the shops. You do not have to go overboard for finding deals. Most places will have rewards cards which entail you to some percentage of discounts on their products or accumulate points which you can use in the future. I have purchased a lot of home appliances using my credit card points.

Not just for shopping, while booking tickets, hotels, attractions etc, do not just blindly pay the price for the first thing that you see. Do some basic research. Make some effort to look for deals. I was once looking for hotel prices in San Francisco and was surprised to see that Hyatt and Holiday Inn were available for almost the same price. There was a special web discount offered by Hyatt for a limited period using which I was able to stay in Hyatt for the same price as any normal hotel.

Similarly, I was buying tickets for SeaWorld a few weeks back and just a small Google search led me to a $20 off discount code which I was able to use. Since I was buying a lot of tickets, I was able to save quite a lot with that coupon.

We may not be successful at getting a nice deal all the time but making an effort is important. It’s worth making an effort rather than feeling bad when you find someone paying lesser price for something that you spent a fortune on.




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