Why travelling light is important

mosaI travel a lot and one of the things i always make sure while travelling is to travel light. For two obvious reasons: 1) So that I can carry my own bag without any help from others and 2) To be more portable – In case of change of plans, I do not have to worry about my bags.

I mostly travel alone and it is not possible that I will get help carrying or lifting my bag in every place that I go. So to avoid that I carry only as much as I can lift. With all kinds of airline restrictions in place now, a lot of people are opting to travel light but still a huge majority of us carry lot of luggage.

I know a friend of my, when he travelled with his family of four with involving 2 kid’s, they carried about 7 luggage’s. Whoa that’s a whole lot of bags for two people to carry.

Apart from the obvious reasons, travelling light can have various other advantages. Here are a few of them:

1. You can focus on other aspects of your travel rather than worrying about your bags.

2. You are more mobile – for example if you have extra time in your transit, you can quickly plan to visit a few places nearby or go shopping which will not be possible if you have a hand load of bags along with you.

3. In airports, if you are travelling alone and have too many carryon bags with you, it is hard to use the restroom without worrying about where to leave the bags.

4. It gives you more room for shopping. I mostly avoid carrying a lot of clothes; instead I buy stuff local to the place that I visit.

5. You do not have to worry about excess baggage fees, or checking in your bags etc.

6. No risk of losing the luggage since it is always with you.

7. You get past security procedures fast.

8. You save time as you do not have to worry about checking in or collecting your bags and you also do not have to arrive early at the airport to check in the bag early.

9. You have more space to buy gifts and other stuff from the place you are visiting instead of trying to squeeze it in your existing bag.

It takes a huge thing off your plate when you travel light. You are more independent, flexible, and mobile. Besides a few important things that you would need for your trip, I recommend you to carry very little of everything else. It makes your travel easy and hassle free.




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