My list of fears/phobias

Somebody asked me the other day what are my fears and it got me thinking for a while. I am basically fearless. I was brought up to be independent and not to be afraid of anything. And since I have been travelling and living alone a lot, life gave me an opportunity to face a lot of tough situations and be fearless.

So to answer my friend’s question, I looked up a list of phobias. Thankfully there is a website for it.  I must say the person did a good job in putting together the list of phobias in one place. After going over the list, I came up with the phobias that are applicable to me. Here are they:

1. Fear of gaining weight: Also known as Obesophobia or Pocrescophobia

A lot of people in my family are fat. I was a lean person as a child but I did gain a lot of weight when I was about 10. I feared the worst and ever since started controlling my weight. It’s been 18yrs since and the thought of gaining weight still scares me a lot.

2. Fear of heat: Also known as Thermophobia or Phengophobia

This is probably because I have sensitive skin. I cannot handle sun or sunlight, period.

3. Fear of God: Also known as Zeusophobia or Theophobia

I am a religious person, I guess that explains it.

4. Fear of being stared at: Also known as Ophthalmophobia

This is probably because I am an introvert. I do not like attention and I hate when people look at me specially when I am walking. It makes me awkwardly conscious.

5. Fear of public speaking and stage fright: Also known as Glossophobia or Topophobia

Similar to the above point, this is also because I am an introvert. Although I have done quite a bit of public speaking but it is still one of my greatest fears.

6. Fear of crowds: Also known as Enochlophobia

On similar lines, I like being alone and the thought of going to crowded places turns me off.

7. Fear of hearing good news: Also known as Euphobia

This is probably because somewhere down in my mind I have a feeling that I don’t get things easily in my life which makes me believe that if I hear some good news then something bad is coming soon. Although it doesn’t happen like that all the time but I still fear it.

8. Fear of being imperfect: Also known as Atelophobia

This is because I am a Virgo/Libra cusp who is known to be perfectionist. I have this never lasting urge of being the perfect person and keeping everything perfect and doing everything right.

What is your list of phobias?

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