What do you do when you are worried?

Different people have different ways of dealing with problems. Some stay cool, some hyperventilate, some seek for help from others, some take care of things on their own, and some break down while some are stable.

I did a short survey of people around me and composed this list of different ways that people react when faced with a sudden problem.

1. Call 911 or police
2. Pray to God
3. Call their friends/relatives
4. Cry
5. Blabber
6. Run away
7. Relax
8. Fall sick
9. Shout at others
10. Blame others

It is surprising to see how many different ways people react when in trouble. Another noticeable aspect is that almost every person answered no when I asked them if they react the same way every time they had a problem. This means the reaction changes with every problem, which kind of makes sense. Your reaction is directed by the type of problem you face and the situation you are in.

For instance, the way you react when you lose 100 dollars would be different than the way you would react if you lost 1000 dollars. Similarly, no two people react the same way when they have the same problem in the same situation. When I am worried about something, I go mad. I am one of those who can’t settle until I find a resolution to the problem. At the same time, I know some people who would be really cool and calm in the same situation.

If you go by the books, then staying cool and calm and trying to find a solution without making decision in haste is probably the best thing to do. But sometimes I feel, the rest of the behaviors shown by people are not bad either (except for a few may be). The reason is simple. If it makes you find the solution then that is the best thing, unless it doesn’t harm you. For example if crying makes you feel better and once you do that, if you are able to make decisions properly then that is probably something you should do rather than trying to stay calm.

The point is to do the right thing as long as you find the solution without hurting yourself or those other’s you.

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