My relationship with books

Books and I are inseparable. Ever since childhood, I have been attracted to books. Back in school days I used to borrow all of Enid Blyton’s novels from the library and finish them in a day or so. Although Famous Five was the popular one among students, Secret Seven was my favorite. Later when I started reading serious novels, Jeffery Archer was my favorite, although I have read a lot of Sidney Sheldon too.

During my days in college hostel, when others would watch TV during their free time, I would be reading books. Perhaps my fondness to books goes back to my childhood days. A few of my dad’s friends had left their books at our house after finishing their doctorate. Few of them were on English literature, few on counseling psychology, few fables and few self-help books.

I made my dad move the books to my room and often in my spare time, I read many of these books. As I grew, I collected a lot of books of my own too. I moved to different places and at each place, I had a huge pile of books that belonged to me.

Back in college, the library was my favorite place for two reasons. One because the place I went to college was very hot and library was fully air conditioned and opens 24hrs and second I liked the peaceful environment there. I was able to concentrate more on my work when in library than in my hostel dorm. For those who knew me in college, know if quite well that if I am not in class then I am probably in the library. That was like a second home for me.

Even now my favorite pastime would be going to a book store. When I am not at work, you can find me in the nearest library or Barnes and Noble (bookstore). There used to be a Border’s store right next to my apartment and I used to be a regular member there. I was almost in tears when they went bankrupt and were closing down their stores.

As times change, technology has moved more towards the digital era. Almost all books are available online or can be purchased as a digital copy to be used in various mobile devices. In most cases these digital versions are cheaper than the physical copy. Although it is more convenient to use the digital version, I still like the physical version for some of my books. Right now I have a small bookshelf in my apartment (since most of my books that I collected growing up are at my parent’s home) but I hope to build my own library sometime in the future.

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