Plant Freak

There are people who like plants and then there are those who take it to a completely different level. They are called plant freaks. How do you tell the difference? Let’s take an example.

When you want to grow a garden, what do you do?

1. You check the area around the house for gardening

2. You buy plants

3. You build the garden.

What does plant freak do?

He does the exact same thing but the difference being normal people are economical. They will limit their growing habits to what is appropriate to their economic status, or to the amount of time they have. Plant freaks don’t do that. Sometimes their gardens are bigger than their house. They spend more money on plants than on their personal well being.

When a normal person goes to a nursery – he will buy a few varieties of flowers, cactus, etc. Plant freaks grow everything they can get hold off.

My dad is kind of a plant freak too. Just last month when he visited me, I told him he has to take care of my plants and help me build my garden. He was very excited. We went to the nursery and brought quite a lot of plants (I believe around 8-9 of them) plus there were a few at home that were overgrown and needed to be split in more pots. So we bought the plants, pots, and soil and came home.

I was hoping my dad would use the rest of the week to build up the garden and it will also keep him busy while I am away at work. But to my surprise the next morning when I woke up, he had already started to pot them and before I left for work at 9am he was almost 60% done. When I returned back home for lunch, he was all done and wanted few more pots to split some more of my plants.

Different people have different interests. When you go to the mall or take a walk around the neighborhood, some will notice the landscape, some will check out the place – the clothes, goods, decor etc. My dad would notice the plants there. That’s what a plant freak would do. He would even notice the slightest details in the plants.

There is nothing bad in it. In fact I like how such people are more closer to nature than us. They appreciate the smaller things around them and find happiness doing what they do. It’s indeed a great gift and requires a lot of patience too. Plants don’t grow in a day. It takes its own time and course before it starts bearing fruits (or flowers). Nature is the best healer and people closer to nature are directly one step ahead of us in terms of peace of mind, harmony and happiness. We should all learn from them and try to embrace nature as much as we can.

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3 Responses to Plant Freak

  1. makeacrane says:

    This makes me want to grow more plants!

  2. zoedog66 says:

    I like your ideas – do you agree that certain types of plants should be grown together? We have a white rock garden out the front of our house with cactii and succulents – all collected together and happy ❤

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