Cupcake and the frosting shot

Summer is the time for ice-cream, milk shakes, malts and other sweet treats. Along with these, there is one other thing that we all love to eat. Cakes or more specifically cupcakes.

Here in so-cal (Southern California) there is this very famous cupcake place called Sprinkles.

I am not a big fan of cupcakes but since I heard a lot about this, I decided to visit the place. It usually closes around 7pm and I am glad I reached there by 6.45pm. I wasn’t aware of the closing time, I just happened to reach there on time. There was a huge line of people ordering cupcakes. I joined the line too.

As I went closer I saw a huge collection of cupcakes displayed there out of which I had to make my pick. After thinking a lot I selected two. I don’t remember which ones but I am sure it had something to do with chocolate or nutella or coffee. I only like those flavors. Just before ordering I also saw on the menu something called a frosting shot. It was kind of like the same concept of an espresso shot only differences being you get a frosting instead of coffee.

I showed it to my friend who instantly wanted to try it. So we ordered one of those too.

The cupcakes were amazing, no doubt about that. It was big, soft and spongy. It had enough frosting for those who love it. I am not a big fan of frosting though. My friend had the shot and liked it a lot too.

A few months back, Sprinkles has also opened a cupcake ATM in their Beverly Hills location. (I know, people here are really crazy).

Here is the picture of the atm.

They have also opened their ice-cream collection this year for the summer.

Not only Sprinkles, there are lots of other similar cupcake places based on the same concept. And surprisingly all of them do well. One thing I like about all these cupcake places is that they are all small business mostly family owned and started by one or two people out of their household. I always have a soft corner for anything that is started by a single person or is family owned. If given an opportunity I would like to start something similar too.

Only similar lines, there is also this whole business of food trucks which are emerging now. A lot of these are family owned and a lot of them are very successful. I hope we all find inspiration in these family owned small businesses and learn to make something big by starting it from home.

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