Ask and you shall receive

A lot of times we come across situations where we fear that we would not receive something and we do not even make an attempt to seek it. Let me give you some examples:

Leave: My boss at work generally is very strict when it comes to granting vacations. So when I wanted to take a few days off I was hesitant to ask him. It turns out, he approved it immediately. He is strict to those who take too many days off and who were slacking at their work.

Job Search: A friend I knew was unhappy at work but was hesitating to change jobs thinking it will be hard to get better job opportunities. Somehow after a lot of persuasion he started to apply for jobs and to his surprise he started to get offers from really nice companies.

Favor from boss: A friend of mine wanted his boss to make some exception for him pertaining to some company policy due to some personal issues that came up in his life. In normal scenarios the company would not agree to it and my friend started looking for a solution through third party sources. But at the end he thought of trying it with his own boss hoping that he has nothing to lose asking him. He asked and it was granted.

I know most of my examples are work related because I spend most of my time at work and I get inspiration from their stories. But regardless of that, these are applicable in home or personal issues too. A lot of people are unhappy at home with their spouse, kid’s, parents etc. So much that they do not attempt to talk to them to make things right. This creates a barrier.

The point is we somehow make an impression about people in the back of our mind based on our past experiences or based on their behavior to others. We should understand that times change, things change. People change over time, and every scenario is different. What is applicable to others may not be applicable to you.

Fearing that and not making an attempt is foolishness. Make an honest attempt; you do not have anything to lose. If you get what you asked for then it is good but even if you don’t get what you had asked nothing has changed. You already knew that was the possibility. Pursuing what you need and taking that step forward is important and you will be able to receive what you want even if that means not in the same way that you wanted but through some other channels.

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