The Folding Bike

About 2yrs back there was this bike craze at my workplace. Three of my colleagues go on a bike ride every week. They come in early every Wednesday, bring their bikes to work and leave work around 4pm to bike for about 20 miles. Apart from that they also meet over the weekend to bike for about 40-50miles.

Soon they formed a team, bought uniform and participated in the county bike marathon of 100miles. This eventually caught the interest of others at work. It was a nice way to get physical fitness and pleasure at the same time. The following year, a few others joined them for the bike ride. This time they decided to join a biking marathon for charity – the proceeds of which goes to the kid’s suffering from Multiple Sclerosis.

Since most of their biking activity happens during summer, everyone including those who did not want to commit to the marathon wanted to start biking. I once got a chance to test ride one of my colleagues bike. It had been about 5-6yrs since I rode the bike then. But the moment I started riding I enjoyed it so much that I immediately wanted to get a bike of my own.

At that time, I stayed as a house guest with another family and did not have enough space to keep the bike. So I was hesitating to buy one. That is when one of my friends’s suggested to get a folding bike. I had never heard of it before. I researched about it and found it quite fascinating. Although it is a little expensive compared to the regular bike, it is worth the extra money.

I was able to order it online and the bike arrived at home, with an easy to assemble instruction. I took it to the local bike shop to align it and check the brakes and other stuff. The bike was very portable. It can be easily folded and packed inside a small bag. I kept it in the trunk of my car and whenever I felt like biking, I used to drive to the beach or park or a biking trail on my car, take the bag out, assemble the bike in less than 5min and ride.

The best part was – it saved a lot of space and it was portable too. Along with that it also looked trendy and was light weight. I am glad my friend told me about it, it was worth the investment and I was also able to fulfill my desire of biking with it.

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