Saved by his father

I might be a bit late on this post themed on Father’s day. I wanted to post this on the 17th but somehow it skipped my mind, anyway here it is two days later. Better late than never. This is a real life incident about a near death experience that happened to my dad around 10-15yrs ago.

My dad worked in a mechanical industry. There are huge equipments there which are used to create huge turbines and other related parts. The machines are programmed to feed in the dimensions which then cuts the raw material in the desired shapes as per the requirement to build the product. But when I say raw material – it is not something that you can hold by hand. These are huge things that get shipped in trains. There are railway tracks inside the factory where goods trains are used to carry the raw materials inside and take back the finished products for distribution.

One day while working on one of his equipments, my dad slipped and fell and due to the chaos one of his huge products was let loose and it started to fall down right into the direction of my dad. Unable to think anything further, my dad just had few seconds to react, he immediately moved a little to his right where there was a small channel like opening on the floor.

He fell inside the opening and the huge piece fell right on top of that on the floor. He missed getting hit by it in a matter of few seconds. He took some time to come to his conscious after which he crawled and moved up. He immediately left his work and went to some place quite to reflect upon the incident.

It was then that he realized that it was his dad’s death anniversary on that day. Although it has been many years since his dad passed away and he had forgotten about it, this near death experience made him realize that somehow it was his dad who saved him that day. Many may think that it was his good luck, some may think that it was God and others prayers but he believes that it is his father who is always present by his side guarding his family all along.

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