The Broadway Show

I went to New York sometime last year. After having lived on the west coast for a long time, this was my first trip there. I wanted to visit all the touristy places – like Empire State Building, Central Park etc and then my friend suggested going for a Broadway show.

Having never seen a play before, (although I live near Hollywood but theater is not very famous here), I wasn’t sure if I would like one but my friend insisted that my new York experience would not be complete without experiencing the Broadway show. So we booked tickets for the Phantom of the Opera.

Next day my friends and I headed to the Broadway. On my way I saw people lined up outside a few of the theaters. I was hoping I wouldn’t have to do that. I hate standing in long lines. Thankfully we did not have to since we already had tickets. We went in and were seated right in the first row.

I am not sure if other’s like the first row, but for me it was the best I could have asked for. I am a little short and I often find myself struggling to see the stage when I go for concerts, games or any other public performances due to huge men seated on the rows ahead of me. This time I did not have that problem.

Another advantage of sitting in the front row is that you get to see the orchestra in the basement. It was amazing to see a whole group of musicians dressed up neatly and sitting there with their instruments. And although they cannot see the play they still have great coordination in terms of playing the right music at the right time. It’s sad that nobody actually gets to see their face even though they play an important role in the play.

The play started after a few minutes and it was really amazing. I was also able to look into the smaller details of the play because of having sat on the front row. The show was nice; it wasn’t boring as I had predicted it to be. It had a blend of suspense, action, romance, comedy and drama. It was a complete package.

I was really glad I decided to see it and I look forward to seeing many more of them in future.

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