Places where you don’t feel earthquake

Yesterday there was an earthquake near the place where I live. It was 4.0 on the Richter scale with the epicenter about 5miles from my place. Having lived in southern California for about 5yrs, 4.0 magnitude earthquake is nothing new but the weird thing is I did not feel it. I am generally very sensitive, I even woke up from my sleep once at around 3am in the morning because of an earthquake but this one I did not feel at all.

Once I went to work, I heard about it from my friends who were discussing about it the next day. Later while I was recollecting on what I was doing during the time of the earthquake, I realized that I was driving when it happened. Which made me think about the possible scenarios where people might not feel an earthquake. So here is a quick list of some of the probable situations according to me:

1. When you are driving – In the car or any other automobile

2. In the shower – Some people do not feel it while they are in the shower.

3. Ground floor – Earthquakes can be felt stronger in higher floors than lower floors. I remember once I was in my college dorm room which was on 4th floor and I felt a real strong earthquake. My friends and I started to rush down but people in the first floor were unaware of it.

4. When you are on the field – jogging or running – If you are already in motion like running, walking or engaged in some physical activity, then you most likely won’t feel it.

5. When you are flying in an airplane

6. When you are sleeping – unless it is a strong jolt.

7. When you are on an elevator or a roller coaster.

There are various other factors that determine if you feel an earthquake or not. It depends on the magnitude, the distance you are from the epicenter, the time of the day, etc. Some people are more sensitive than the others. People living near highways, airports or near a busy road are often subject to constant motion due to the movement of high speed vehicles around them which makes them less sensitive to earthquakes tremor especially if they are a small one.

Either way, it depends on the place and situation that you are in which determines if you can feel it or not. It doesn’t mean you are less sensitive towards it. Nothing else matters, as long as you are safe at the end.

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3 Responses to Places where you don’t feel earthquake

  1. Blin says:

    Hi, I’m near Portsmouth, NH and when we were there last night, we did not feel the quake at all. Most people in Portsmouth and the surrounding areas did. Some heard a loud noise, or had damage. We were awake, standing outside. When we got home to Rye, we were told about the quake. We just looked at each other and said, “what quake?” I wonder if we were on some formation that would not be affected.

    • Castledale says:

      I know, there are times when the quake is small but it wakes me up from sleep and then there are these huge ones which i don’t feel at all. Mysterious.. I am glad you guys are safe. 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

    Last night here in Alaska we had a 4.5 quake 28 miles deep epicenter within 40 miles of me that people claimed shook for over a minute. I felt one quick jolt. That was it! There are many quakes I don’t feel here. I always attributed it to being on solid ground. If anyone else in the Big Lake area has similar experience I would sure like to know!

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