How to shut certain things off your brain

A lot of my male friends often complain that women speak a lot and sometimes a lot of nonsense and in those cases if there was a way for them to turn off their brain then things would be a lot easier.

Well I do not disagree about it. Lot of times we come across situations or around people where you wish that you had the power to not listen to them or not let it affect you. This is hard to achieve but not impossible. After all it’s your own brain; you should control it and not let it control you.

I have a situation where there are a lot of people around me who don’t like the workplace; they keep spewing negative words and thoughts into everyone. And honestly I understand they have a concern but I just don’t like it when people go around spreading negative thoughts, it’s contagious. It eventually fills everyone around with negative emotions.

There are also times when people try to stress me out by pushing their things on me or by various other means. If this was the case a few years back then it would make me horribly stressed.

I am not sure if people really understand what stress can do. Stress can make you worry. It causes your mind to become stiff. Long term stress can cause illness some of which are life threatening. Stress can cause acne. Stress can cause bowel disorders. Stress can make you go craving for sugar which eventually can make you fat or diabetic. Stress can cause your blood pressure go up or down drastically.

Stress is bad in every way but with little bit of effort and awareness you can definitely get over it. Here are a few things that I follow, it is an evolving list –

1. When something stressful happens – I do not reply instantly. Reacting instantly to something stressful often results in bad words, bad decisions or actions which you regret later. Stress can make you be rude to your best friend. When you are in such a situation, try your best to not react. Take a few minutes to respond. Stress is often temporary and goes away if you relax and give a proper thought.

2. Take a break: When you feel like things are stressing out, it is generally an indication to take break. Make use of the opportunity and head out for a walk or the bathroom or to the cafeteria or coffee shop.

3. Call someone: This has proved effective to me. When I am stressed and need to talk about something completely unrelated, I call a friend. And remember to not discuss about your stress to them. When you discuss about it you are still thinking about it.

4. Drink water: I have a sticky at my desk which reads “Drink Water”. It is to remind me to drink water as often as possible. Water cools you down, it helps to keep you hydrated and it will also make you get up from your desk and walk to get water.

5. Plan for the weekend: When you are stressed think about all the good things that you can do. Plan for the weekend, or a trip or meeting your friend; basically try to take your mind to something that you like.

6. Online reading: For those who have access to internet, it is a good idea to read something nice online like your favorite book or a blog or anything else if your work environment permits you to do it. Be careful however not to spend time on pleasure websites.

7. Listen to music: If it is acceptable at your workplace to have the headphones on and listen to music, then definitely do so. It will help you stay away from the madness and gossip that goes around. You feel less distracted; more focused on your work and also remain stress free.

8. Ignore: Lastly learn to ignore bad stuff. If you think it is going to affect you in a negative way then try to ignore it or not think about it. Try to imagine the person talking as mute.

Learn to be aware of things around you. If you consciously make effort to not feel stressed, then you definitely won’t let yourself feel stressed. Always think that your happiness, health and well being comes first, everything else later.

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