The low fat calorie diet

The other day I read an interesting book on the misconception people have about the low fat calorie food. A lot of people in the US are obese. For a country that spends the highest amount of money on health care we are not necessarily healthy. A large population of US has cancer, heart diseases and other cardiovascular diseases. We also have one of the highest rates of child diabetes.

And to fight all that about 2 decades ago the low fat food was introduced in the market. Today if you go to a grocery store you can find low fat versions of pretty much everything – Low fat candy, low fat coffee, low fat cream, low fat cereal, low fat meat etc. (I am glad there isn’t any low fat vegetable out there yet ;))

The reason we find so many low fat products is because it is successful among the people. People blindly follow it without knowing the really meaning about it. They think that eating low fat is healthy but they fail to realize that if low fat products were introduced 2 decades ago then why do people still suffer from obesity? Why are people falling ill? Why were the people in olden days not obese or had a higher life span even after eating food rich in fats?

The answer is very simple. It is not the fat that is unhealthy; it is the sugar that we eat that is bad. The other day I read an article which says that according to the quality inspection norms if a product has less than 0.2 gm of an ingredient in the sample size then you can market it as 0gm.

So for example if your peanut butter contains 0.2 gm of sugar in 2tsp (30gm) sample, the company would market it as 0% sugar or sugar free. You get misleaded by the 0 sugar and buy the product. You use the peanut butter – I am sure no one uses just 2tsp in their spread. Say you used 5tsp or probably more feeling happy that you can consume more now guilt free but in reality you are consuming about 1-2gm of sugar when you actually thought you were consuming none.

For those who think that 1-2gm is probably not going to cost you much in terms of health, you may be right if you really watch your sugar intake but when you learn about the various ways through which sugar gets into your body, you will start to worry.

A lot of people consume skim milk instead of whole milk thinking low fat is good. Pasteurized skim milk isn’t a great choice either. Because the fat is removed and much of the nutrition is destroyed during pasteurization, there’s not much left except for milk and sugar.

Egg whites – A lot of people think that they are eating healthy by having egg whites. Well all the nutrition of the egg resides in the yolk – it has protein various other vitamins which gets lost when you throw away the yellow and eat just white. Instead have eggs in moderation. Having one or two egg a day will not cause any problem.

Fats are essential for our body. Having low fat food actually causes our body to produce more insulin which causes the body to crave for more sugar. Low fat food deprives the body of essential nutrients which in turn causes more fatigue and reduces the metabolism.

The best way to eat healthy is to eat what has been around for hundreds of years, what our ancestors used to eat who obviously were healthier. Stick to whole grains, fruits and veggies and do not consider meat as bad, meat is important too. The key is not to overeat one particular thing. Anything in excess is bad. Reduce the amount of processed food in your diet and incorporate more of raw or home cooked meals in your diet. I am sure with these few changes life would really be amazing.

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