Facebook and everything else

I am sure by now most of you might have gotten fed up of reading news about Facebook. As much as we love facebook, I am sure media has done a good job making sure we get every bit of news possible.

After Facebook went IPO on Friday, the news about how the shares rose and dropped to pretty much the same opening price, the various analysis on it and the list of people – founders, capitalists, employees, enemies who became millionaires everything was covered.

By Saturday morning I thought, the news was subsided and I would get a break from it but late Saturday evening the media is again on and about the wedding of Facebook CEO (Mark Zuckerberg) with his longtime girlfriend and of course tones of people offering advice to him asking him to get a prenup.

People really have nothing better to do. There were comments about his wife looking ugly, there were some commenting that she doesn’t look happy in the picture and there were some betting on how long the marriage will last. Common people give them a break.

The person became a billionaire solely by his own hard work and vision. Whom and how he gets married to – is none of other’s business. If he did not get a prenup and ends up losing billions in divorce settlement that’s his problem. It is not our money and I think people have no right to offer advices to him.

Oh and how can I forget about people criticizing his hoodie. The guy likes to dress casual so what??? – Even celebrity film stars show up in weird costumes on the red carpet, he is at least better than them and there is no dress code anywhere whatsoever.

Instead of taking an inspiration from him people are criticizing him. The world should take him as an example and try to in incorporate it in our own way. After all the negative things that you have heard so far, I thought of bringing you some of the lesser known facts about him, hope you enjoy it:

1. He was born in Dobbs Ferry, New York  on 14th May 1984.

2. His father is a dentist and mother is a psychiatrist.

3. He is red-green colorblind.

4. He took a graduate computer course at Mercy College when he was eleven.

5. He dropped out of Harvard University after 2years, 2002-2004.

6. He has created an instant messaging service for his dad’s dentist office called ZuckNet.

7. He has donated $100 million to the Newark public schools system.

8. He is named the youngest self-made billionaire by Forbes in 2008.

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