Are you burned out?

As we approach the weekend, I guess it makes sense to understand the difference between burned out and getting tired. There are times when we keep working hard, at work, at school, at home either to fulfill our needs or the needs of others. Working is great but you need rest at the same time too. So how do you know when you are burned out? How do you differentiate between burnout vs. just tired?

Burnout is a psychological term for long-term exhaustion and low interest. Burnout can cause many negative outcomes including stress and depression. Here are a few reasons why people get into the burnout state. If you find yourself doing what is mentioned below then it is time to stop and take actions:

– Having excessive ambition – People having excessive ambition, who desire to prove themselves at workplace often, end up burning themselves out.

– Working very hard – Having high personal expectations in order to achieve the above point, they set a trap for themselves. In order to meet these expectations, they tend to focus only on work while they take on more work than they usually would.

– Neglecting them – Having no time and energy for anything other than work. When spending time with family, friends and taking care of you become unimportant,

– No social life – Not have a social life or reduction in your social activities.

– Depression – You start to feel exhausted, hopeless and find yourself filled with negative emotions often.

If you see one or more of the above points applicable to you then it is very important to make changes to your lifestyle. It is very likely that you are getting burned out. There are several ways to prevent burnout. Recognizing and acknowledging it is the first step. Here are a few easy tips to bring about some positive changes:

1. Start the day with a relaxing ritual

2. Adopt healthy habits – This includes your eating, exercising, and sleeping habits.

3. Take a daily break from technology – Keep off from cell phones, laptops, tablets and the internet.

4. Nourish your creative side – Spend time doing activities that relax your mind – like gardening, artwork, writing, music.

5. Slow down and enjoy the moment – Do not make plans that involve having fun in the future. Instead enjoy every single moment of your life.

6. Reevaluate your goals and priorities – Goals change frequently, evaluate if you are heading in the right direction. See if this is what you really want in life and if continuing to do it will bring you closer to your goal. Also evaluate that by doing this are you neglecting your other priorities – like health, family, friends etc.

Identifying the problem and making small changes to your lifestyle can help you get great benefits.

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