Genuinely good people

Every so often we come across people who do things to us without expecting anything in return. These people could be completely strangers and in most cases often have a choice to either help us or not. They are not obligated to help us and it would be perfectly alright if they did not come forward to help. But still they do come forward, extend that gesture and sometimes even disappear in thin air without expecting anything back from us.

A long time ago, may be around 7yrs back, I was travelling in a public bus in a remote village to get to the city. The bus was filled with the village locals. I was probably the only outsider there and perhaps one other person.

All of a sudden, the bus broke down in the middle of the nowhere. We were all stuck and did not know what to do. After sometime another bus going to the city but through a different route approached us. The driver of my bus stopped the other bus and asked him to take all the passengers from my bus to the city. The other driver agreed and as soon as he announced to us that we could board the other bus, everyone rushed to take their spot in the other bus.

I was a little worried – 1) Because the new bus was going through a different route and 2) I was in a completely unknown location with limited network coverage and with a bunch of strangers and I was probably the only female there. As all the people got past me to get into the other bus, one man from my bus waited for me until I boarded the bus. He did not talk me; neither did he do anything else. All he did was to wait until I got into the bus after which he got in and the bus started. Somehow after that I felt secure.

I appreciated his gesture but was too shy to talk to him. I did not know where he was going but I do know he was in the bus until I got down. I obviously did not see him again after that day but I still remember him.

A lot of times we get a chance to be that stranger who can help someone in need. Sometimes we overlook it, sometime we ignore, and sometime we are just too shy or hesitant to help. Next time you come across such situation, do not hesitate to help. You do not have to do anything great but sometimes even a small gesture – (like the fact that I knew there is someone for me there on the bus that day) can mean a lot to someone in need.

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