Do not make your goal a hurdle for your success

We all have goals in life. It is our driving factor. It is something that keeps us going every day. We get up every day and look forward to reaching one step closer to achieving our goal. Having goals is very important in life. It gives our life a direction. But there are some bad things about it too.

Lots of people keep working on and on and on trying to achieve their goal. They do it so much that they often forget what they started the goal for. They lose focus on their health, family and things around them so much that by the time one achieves the goal he is a failure in all other aspects.

Having a goal is important but setting very high standards is not good. For many people, what separates them from where they are now and “happiness” is that they want to achieve something. What they are indirectly doing is instead of being happy and enjoying the moment they are in search of that big moment to come when they can be happy.

I know a lot of friends who say “I will retire when I earn a million dollars” or “I will work as much as I can until 40 and then I will retire”. That’s a lot of distance to cover between where you are now and the achievements that will make one happy. Who knows if one will even live till 40?

Life is not in our hands, we do not control life and death. But what we can certainly control is our definition of satisfaction, our goals, our achievements and most important our happiness. While it is important for everyone to aim higher, at the same time do not let your goal for reaching great heights ruin your present. Enjoy every moment of your life. Be happy with yourself and what you are now and strive towards making a better you.

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