Importance of eating healthy

The key to a healthy mind is to have a healthy body. I am sure all of us know the importance of staying healthy. No matter how successful we are, how rich and famous we become, nothing matters if one is not healthy.

We often hear about young celebrities dying early due to drug overdose. Amy Winehouse, Micheal Jackson, Whitney Houston to name a few. For a normal person, being a celebrity is appealing. Little do they know that with wealth and glamour comes great deal of responsibilities. Due to constant pressure to perform and look well – these celebrities often indulged in shortcuts which over the time prove fatal.

So what exactly is healthy food? Everyone has their own version of healthy food. Some say red meats are bad, some say fish is good, some say chicken or turkey is good, some advocate on eating egg white while some say vegetarianism is good and there are few who say being vegan is good. And then there are those who go for gluten free, soy free, lactose free, organic food and so on. There is no limit. Each person has his own perspective of good food.

A friend of mine recently shared an article from nytimes about a research on plant intelligence. It basically shows studies which reveal that peas might be capable of processing and sharing information among them and if it is true, whether it is ethical to eat them.

Having said this – what should one eat to stay healthy? The answer is very simple. Eat what you like, in limited quantities. Have a balanced food. Never go to extreme end i.e. never give up everything you like to a strict diet and never eat the same thing over and over again. Many people, who don’t like veggies, think that they can gain all the nutrients by eating the same one vegetable that they like every day. That is not true. Excess of anything including good nutrients is bad.

Mix and match your food and try to change it every day so that your body gets the benefits of all kinds of food. Here are a few things that you can try although this is not the complete list:

– Drink lots of water and by lots I mean really lots (if possible drink lukewarm)

– Eat at least 2 serving of fruits daily. Try to have different fruits every week.

– Eat egg daily

– Eat veggies daily

– Although a lot of people like meat, try having it only during weekends. If you must eat it every day – try to have lean meat or fish.

– Watch your salt intake

– Watch your sugar intake

– Avoid beverages – if you must have one, try having tea and no more than 1 cup of coffee.

A healthy body prevents a lot of illness and diseases. When you don’t have any illness you have one less thing to worry about as you grow old. You can utilize your mind and energy in doing other productive work rather than worrying about your health just by eating right. So, stay fit and stay healthy.

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