How to get someone to like something

Liking is relative. A person’s liking to food, place, people, moments, ideas or any other thing highly depends on the situation that he is introduced to it.

The other day I came across a book on Amazon which had pretty good reviews. After reading a few pages of the book, I felt that although the content of the book is good, it somehow did not meet my expectations. The author was repeating the same thing over and over again. I later found out that the author had a large network of friends who had helped by writing a large number of good reviews for him and hence the book was among the top reviewed list.

One of the other factors that fluctuates a person’s liking is other’s opinion. Very often people are inclined towards the opinion of their friends or those around them. For example when you go shopping with friends and family, you are more likely to end up buying something they like than what you like. On the other hand, when you are alone – you are more likely to buy something of your choice.

A lot of times, we come up with great ideas at work. Sometimes they are accepted and soon implemented while sometimes we are shut off. The same happens in school too. A new student joining school either is welcomed by the popular kid’s or is bullied by them. Can you guess what exactly is common between the two scenarios here?

It is the opinion of the person around you. When you present an idea – good or bad, if you can get one person in the right position to like your idea then your job is done. He will make sure; your idea gets propagated ahead and is eventually implemented. Same is applicable in high school too. You just need to befriend one cool kid in the school and his opinion will make all others like you.

People around us play an important role in our preferences. A few years back I moved in with roommates who were a little conservative in their lifestyle. After about a month or so, I noticed a change in their behavior – they started wearing clothes similar to mine, changed their eating habits like mine and also became more open minded than before. After a few months they were all completely different people.

Another good example of people’s opinion is restaurants. There are many cases where one restaurant in a particular location did not do well and was closed down, while the new restaurant opened in the same location does very well. Clearly location was not a negative aspect in this case. It was the liking of people’s taste around the area that mattered.

Altering a person’s mind for the good or for the bad is very easy. Although one must remember that while it is easy to change a person’s mind, it is also important to note that the same technique can be used on you. Do not fall prey to other’s opinion and try to recognize what you really like. Do not get influenced by those around you and chose what is best for you.

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