Fighting over petty things

People fight all the time, sometimes there is a valid reason, sometimes it is misunderstanding and sometimes it is totally unnecessary. A lot of people waste time fighting with each other over petty things instead of sorting it out.

In the place where I work, there are various projects/teams all of which belong to the same organization. And although it might sound obvious that since we work for the same company we should treat each other as one entity, it is not true. The various teams do not function in harmony. There are conflicts, fights, and politics. And when there is an issue, instead of finding a solution for it, they spend time arguing about whose fault it is. They fail to realize that things can easily be sorted out if they work together.

Fighting over petty things is very common among people in relationships too. They seem to fight over every silly thing. Sometimes things get worse and they start to fight in public. In a relationship, it’s always better to hear things out first and never blame the other for your wrong doings or misfortunes.

This is a typical scenario in everyone’s life. When faced with problems we look for people to blame for rather than fixing it. If only everybody can see that it’s pointless to argue or to fight in public and that when you do so, you’re just making a fool of yourselves; the world will be a better place.

What has happened cannot be changed, so there is really no point to find a person to put the blame on. The wise thing to do is to get together and find a way to solve the problem and make sure it doesn’t happen again. Sometimes fighting over petty things can bring out the worst in you. Best friends become worst enemies over fights.

While it may seem impossible, it is very easy to avoid fights. When getting into a fight think about 2 simple things:

1. How important is this person to you: If the person you are fighting with is your friend or sibling or parent or a nice colleague, think if is really worth to get into an argument with this person and spoiling your relationship with them,

2. Is the topic in discussion really worth the argument: When you see some discussion getting into an argument, think if it is really important to argue on that particular matter? When you start doing this, you will realize how petty some things are and how easy it is to avoid an argument.

And lastly even if you end up arguing, it is never too late. Stop the argument the moment you realize it is not worth and apologize. Do not let ego come in between. It is better to apologize than to remain enemies forever.

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