The man who never gets angry

There is a colleague at work who never gets angry. He patiently does his work, listens to arguments and when he doesn’t agree with something, he still puts it out very softly.

I really admire how he keeps calm all day. It is amazing to achieve something like that. To have full control over your actions, to control your emotions, to not give into negative emotions, to not get angry, to keep cool all the time. Although I do not know how he is in his personal life, he is definitely very nice in the professional atmosphere.

It does seem like a very nice quality, but I sometimes feel like there may be disadvantages to it too. I have a relative who is quiet similar to this person, but people took him for granted. He won’t speak much, will agree to everything and as a result he had no say in the things happening at his home and did not know how to stand up for something wrong. I felt that he simply wasted all his life doing nothing.

Now when I think again, I feel this person at work might be having the same problem too. Irrespective of that, it is very important to keep cool all the time. Everyone has their own share of good and bad traits. We surely know that these people who don’t get angry definitely are at an advantage with the rest of us because:

1. They have more control over their emotions

2. They won’t take stress and in turn be in good health

3. They are more stable than the rest of us

4. Will have a cool and composed behavior all the time

Most of the bad decisions that people take happens when they are angry. We say things that we shouldn’t, we do things wrong, we make decision in haste and later regret everything. Managing anger is a very important thing.

Although everyone says that meditation is a good way to cope up with anger, it has never worked for me. Meditation might be good if you know how to do it in a right way. To me being aware of what you are doing is the key thing.

When I get stressed at work, I often tend to shout. People, who know me closely, know that I am not a person who would shout easily and if I am shouting then it generally means things have gone too far. A little later after I cool down, I feel awful about my behavior. Upon reflecting for numerous times, I realized that if I just listen to what the other person said and be aware of the words coming out of my mouth, I can actually control my anger.

It was hard to start, but with time, I was able to do it. I consciously made efforts to be aware of what I speak, especially at work when I am stressed.

Everyone will have different things that might work for them to manage their anger. But always keep in mind – you will not achieve anything being angry, but you do get solutions when you are cool. So stay cool!!!

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