How to reenergize?

Do you feel drained out – Either because you are doing the same thing again and again daily, following the same mundane routine or because you are doing a lot of things probably more than you could handle or because you are so eager to achieve your goal that you are going on and on and not stopping to take rest. Either way it is not good for your mind and body.

Let’s take the positive scenario first. When you have a goal that you are very eager to achieve – and all you can think is just that goal, people often jump into doing things rather than planning. This works in the beginning but as you go on, you start to get tired and when that happens, your mind stops working and when that happens, you run out of ideas, then your body gives up and you fail.

I am not trying to prove anything new here – it is already a known fact that – to make the maximum use of your brain, your mind and body needs to be energized. Your brain is not a machine, it needs rest.

Let’s take a look at the other group of people – the one who keep doing the same thing daily. These folks are not chasing a goal, yet they get tired. They are tired of being idle, non creative and probably because they are not making use of their life well.

Being a software programmer, there are times when I am faced with a lot of tricky bugs, bugs which are not easy to fix. I remember a couple of years back I had one such problem and I stayed all day working on it (with no luck obviously), then I went home but kept thinking about it and continued working on it from home. I stayed up all night, instead of giving my mind a rest. Finally around 6am my mind went blank and I slept without me realizing it. I woke up after 2hrs, went back to work and was able to fix the bug immediately. What my mind needed was rest, it already knew what the solution was but was not able to get to it – had I just taken a break earlier that day and thought about it later, I wouldn’t have had to stay up all night.

Every so often you need to reenergize yourself. You need to stop doing what you are doing and think if you are going in the right direction. Take a break, go for a vacation. It doesn’t have to be a long vacation, it doesn’t have to be a fancy place, in fact you don’t even have to take a day off. Just get out of wherever you are on a normal weekend and drive some place – may be to the nearest beach or a national park or some place that you like.

The idea is to let your mind relax. Great ideas come to people when they are not thinking about it. When you are forced to think something new or do something creative, it puts an excessive amount of stress on your brain. Your brain is not trained to work with boundaries. And when you try to do that it fails. You need to let your brain relax, let it run free and when you get back to work next day you are fully energized to face the challenges or if you are lucky – may be in the middle of your vacation you will hit ideas to solve your problem.

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