100th Post

This is my 100th post in this blog. It is a very special achievement for me. I have been waiting for this day for a very long time. I started this blog four and half months back with the idea of writing a post every single weekday. Back then I wasn’t sure how I will write and what I will write. At times I was unsure if I will have enough topics to write about daily in my blog. But I am glad I continued writing and I am very proud about it.

This post is a tribute to me and to all my posts. Here are a few post that I enjoyed writing. Although I must admit that it was very difficult to pick my favorites among the 99 posts but after a lot of consideration here are a special few:

How I started this blog

Facebook Madness

Is B School Important?

My First Trip Alone

My Book

When I killed my plants 🙂

To all the sweet people in my life

Are you a shopaholic

Pay it forward

Small things in life that make you happy – Btw this is also the title of my next book.

When I started I dint have any followers. I am a shy person and I did not tell any of my friends about my blog. I still haven’t. I felt the real test of my writing would be to let unknown people judge it. I felt that friends can be biased. If I link my blog to my facebook page I will get 100’s of views each day but that wasn’t my plan. Facebook sometimes appears fake to me.

I wanted unknown people to find me and appreciate my blog. And it did happen. A week after I started writing, I had a few people following, liking and commenting on my blog (genuine ones, not the spam ones :)). I was thrilled when my profile views kept increasing. A few months later I noticed the stats about the number of people from different countries viewing my blog. I was even more thrilled to see people from more than 30 countries viewing my blog daily.

This post is a big thank you to all of you. There are people who follow my blogs, some who hit the like button often and some who comment on my post. Although I make sure to reply to everyone who comments on my post, I do not reply back to people who hit the like button or follow my posts. A big thank you to all of you for liking and following me and also to those who stumble onto my blog and enjoy reading it.

It hasn’t been easy for me. I have around 5 blogs now and I am also working on a couple of books and along with my ever so demanding job. I have to balance out a way to manage my professional life, my personal life as well as my blogging. I won’t say I have figured it out yet. I am still planning and trying out different schedules. I am sure I will find the right blend soon and I hope I continue to write more and even better blogs going forward. Thank you to all my readers for inspiring me to keep going forward every day, with your help I am sure I will be able to write my first anniversary blog soon. 🙂

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