How I started this blog

When I first started this blog, I wasn’t sure if I will have enough ideas to write a post daily. However I still started the blog thinking I will figure it out as I go ahead. Turns out it isn’t that difficult.

My desire to write something interesting and worthwhile daily actually made me ideate more. It helps me think about new ideas to write on my blog every day. I suddenly became more observant to things around me. Whenever I come across something, I question myself if I can write a post about it.

A lot of times people ask me, how do I get the ideas to write every day? To be honest everything around me gives me an inspiration. Waiting on the traffic signal, being on the road, driving the car, hearing people gossip at work, politics at work, friends, family, news, current affairs, grocery shop almost everything gives me an inspiration to write.

The important factor is not observing things around you but making a commitment. At the time when I started the blog – I was frustrated with my life. Nothing was going as planned and no matter what I did, things were heading towards a dead end. The world suddenly felt cruel to me. To overcome these negative feelings, I had to do something that makes me satisfied. I write well when I am sad, so I thought of making use of that, I started this blog.

When I started the blog, I was clear about one thing – that this is something I am doing for my satisfaction, I don’t get paid for it, none of my friends or family will read it, no one judges me here, all I want is my commitment. Once you make that kind of commitment, no matter what happens you will find time for it. I have a full time job, which gets stressful at times, sometimes I get back home by 6pm sometimes by 8pm, sometimes I have a really bad day, sometimes I am sick but no matter when I return and how I feel, I do not go to bed without writing my post for the day. Even if that means staying up until midnight.

I know a few friends who are at home full time but do not find time to do anything worthwhile. I don’t have deadlines, I don’t have exams or grades to worry about, no manager or boss pushing me to do  this and honestly I don’t have enough time either but I still do it diligently every single day.

Make a commitment today, nothing is impossible. We live life only for a short period. Make full use of it.

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