Why complicate life?

Some of my friends on facebook just post some random stuff all the time like a philosophical quotation or a picture with a deep message. They either post it themselves or sometimes get tagged on it and it shows up on my feeds. Either way most of the time I just skim through the feeds and tend to ignore it but there was this quotation that caught my attention a few days back. So much that I saved it to take a deep look at it later.

It was about why people complicate life. It goes like this –

Missing somebody? ———– Call

Wanna meet up? ————– Invite

Wanna be understood? ——– Explain

Have questions? ————- Ask

Don’t like something? ——- Say it

Like something? ————- State it

Want something? ————- Ask for it

Love someone? ————— Tell it

Nobody knows what’s going on in your mind…..

It’s better to express rather than to express…

You already have the NO, take the risk of getting the YES….

We just have one life, keep it simple!!!

How true. The above quote is simple and self explanatory. Humans have the tendency to complicate things. They feel that nothing can come easily and in order to feel happy one has to go through a series of hardships. We do not feel accomplished unless there is a challenge. We dwell so much in our own lives, in that small world, in that shell that we built for ourselves that we fail to take a look outside. Sometimes the easiest option is probably the best option to do.

Take for example a fight between couples or between two best friends. Most of the time both the parties are at fault but both of them fail to apologize and make up. They both wait for each other to take the first step. This sometimes causes a deadlock. A situation where both wait on each other to move ahead.

There is a similar concept in computer science called deadlock. Those familiar with operating systems of computer science can understand how dangerous deadlocks can be for a computer application. Anyway the point is – when it can cause so much harm to computers then imagine the amount of harm it can do to human beings.

Be it computer science or personal life, the way to resolve deadlock is to avoid it. In the above scenario a fight can easily be resolved by extending an apology or talking about it or even better, the fight could have also been prevented altogether. You can either apologize now and forgive and forget or wait forever for the other person to call you.

Life can be really easy and simple or difficult and complex. It is up to you to choose the way you want it to be. Think about it and act accordingly.

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