How to let go of your ego

How many times have you started a fight based on a small argument?

How many times have you gotten angry at someone for no reason or when it’s really your fault?

How many times have you hesitated before saying sorry or accepting your fault or ending a fight?

If you can’t remember the number of times you have been in the situations stated above or if the answer is more than once then you are most likely to have a big ego.

A lot of people find it hard to let go off their ego. To them it comes above everything else. Sometimes it can be so strong that even the strongest of emotions like love, compassion doesn’t stand anywhere in front of it.

Ego makes people do a lot of things. Some people do things to show off to others. For example buying an expensive car or a big house in a posh neighborhood with pool and other amenities. Some people do it just because they want to prove to their friends and those around them about their egoistic needs. They can’t imagine being inferior to others.

A big ego also brings along with it a lot of depression. If your ego demands you to have very high ambitions and if for some reason you are not able to achieve them or if your achievements were not big enough to satisfy your ego demands then you will certainly end up depressed.

Here are a few suggestions to let go off your ego. If you find yourself doing any of the things below then you know it’s time to change.

1. Let other’s win: Egoistic person needs to win every argument. He feels contented in winning an argument. It is not about what is wrong or what is right, it is about making his point and winning.

2. Make the first move: Egoistic people find it extremely hard to apologize or making the first move. The big E comes in between his feelings and emotion. In most situations the person knows that he is wrong but his ego doesn’t let him to do it. An egoistic person also finds it hard to ask for something. Example in a professional environment it is quiet common for people to ask their superiors for a raise or promotion but an egoistic person feels it’s below his dignity to ask for it.

3. You are not always right: Similar to the point 1, it is always about winning. An egoistic person always wants to prove that he his right. No matter how wrong he is. He might even go to the extent of lying to others to prove it.

4. Identify yourself with your behavior and not with material achievements: Do not make yourself known as the person with the latest iphone or ipad or any other material things. Things come and go but a person’s behavior remains forever.

5. Stop feeling superior: Egoistic people think themselves to be superior to others. They are always on the edge to prove that they know everything. Feeling superior about yourself will make you close out avenues for growth. Remember it is not about being better than others; it is about being better that what you were before.

6. Accept your fault: Egoistic person finds it very hard to accept his fault. He will in no way agree to his mistakes. Here is a funny incident – A friend of mine dipped an orange in a chocolate fountain without removing the peel. Since everyone around started making fun of him, he couldn’t accept his fault, instead to prove himself right he said he eats oranges that way (with peel on) and in fact ate the whole orange with the peel on in front of everyone.

Letting off your ego enables you to live your life without any limits. You grow up to be a much better and mature person.

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5 Responses to How to let go of your ego

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  4. Awomi says:

    It certainly helped me a lot…
    I’m very much thankful…

  5. akhil says:

    nice article i realized my faults 😦

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