End of the first quarter – time to revisit resolutions

It’s the end of March which also means is the end of first quarter of this year. Although it seems as if the New Year was just yesterday. End of the first quarter marks an important milestone in different aspects of our life.

For businesses, it is time to look into the year end goal and determine if the company is going on the right track. Based on the first quarter results, companies make strategic decisions to cut down areas which they don’t foresee to bring in profits while at the same time invest in areas which looks promising.

For students applying for colleges in the Fall semester, this might be the right time to apply. Some universities might even close admissions by first quarter. For those seeking to join some courses or activities in summer, this might be the right time to apply for it and complete the registration. If you don’t have anything planned yet then this might be a good time to think about it.

In professional environment, it is also a good time to check where you are on your year end goals. Do not wait for December to fulfill your goals instead phase out and work on it all year through. Consider meeting your supervisor to discuss your progress so that both of you are in the same page and add or modify your goals accordingly.

For your personal life, it is time to revisit your new year’s resolutions. Even if you haven’t got a chance to work on your resolution so far, it is not too late. You can review your progress now and strike through items which you think is not important and add or edit the list to include items which you think you can fulfill.

For example if making a road trip was part of your resolution then it’s a good time to plan as winter is almost coming to an end and summer vacations are about to begin, so plan on your road trip soon.

If weight management was one of your resolution (almost 60% of the people have that as their resolution), then it is a good time to start working on it. Even for those who don’t have this as their resolution, it is a good idea to work on it. Winter makes us gain those few extra pounds and it might be a good idea to start on your workout regime soon. With the onset of spring and the day light savings – the days are longer now which means you get more time after work or before work to hit the gym or go for a walk.

No matter what point of life you are in, end of March is a time to reflect on your personal self and analyze if you are satisfied on how your life has been so far this year and if there is anything that you can improve to have a successful year ahead.

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