Life changes you in so many ways

Do you ever sit back and reflect on how your life has changed ever since you were born? Life is a roller coaster ride for all of us. Be it a boy or a girl, rich or poor, with family or orphan. Everyone has their own story and probably loads of experiences and learning’s and life changing events – so much that we can write an entire book about it.

We make friends along the way, we fight with them, and sometimes we lose them. We change our habits, our likeness to food, clothing, and activities. We move to different places. Sometimes we even lose our loved ones on our way to adulthood. No matter what each one of us went through, I am sure all of you agree that life is a bowl. A bowl full of experience, learning, happiness and sorrows.

My life has changed a lot from what I can remember it started from. Some for the good, some for the bad but mostly for the good. As I sit here writing this blog trying to recollect the changes I went through in my life, I can remember a few things that I changed along the way.

1. My dad told me that when I was a little girl I found it hard to let go of my mom. I would always cling to her and never go out anywhere. Now I am out so far away from my home and family and frankly I am doing quite well.

2. I was never a fruit person during my childhood but now I eat lot of fruits, I have it 3 times a day with all my meals.

2. I never did a single chore at home in my childhood, now I do everything. Of course I stay alone so I don’t have a choice. 🙂 But honestly I love doing it.

3. I never played any sport during my childhood – After growing up I learnt swimming, basketball, biking, running and I want to learn more.

4. I was dependent on others for everything – now I am an independent person. I can do anything on my own and I am proud about it.

5. I never drove a car or bike until I was 25 – I dint feel the need but now I drive a lot. I don’t have any road fear.

6. I had never cooked anything until I was around 25 – I am pretty good cook now. I try out one new dish almost every week.

7. I am a more balanced person now and I am honored that people (my friends and family) come to me for advices on different areas of their life and I am glad I can help – This shows how much I have grown up.

There are many more things but I will limit the list for now. Our life is not complete yet, there is still a lot to come. Learn from your experiences – good or bad every experience counts and it opens a door for a new beginning. I hope with every new day I enrich my learning and experience in this world and so do you.

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