I listen to Ryan Seacrest daily – what I learnt from him

If you live in California, I bet you can’t escape the traffic. No matter what route you take, you are bound to be stuck in traffic almost every day. I love going to work on one of those days when it’s a holiday for school or during summer vacation as the roads are unusually empty during those days. The only consolation to the huge traffic is KIIS FM. Although I listen to other radio stations too but KIIS FM is my favorite. I listen to On Air with Ryan Seacrest almost every day on my way to work.

I must admit that I hate the commercials in between the songs and I would love to listen to a radio station that does not have any commercials. Although KIIS FM does have a 90 min commercial free segment later in the day which I am not fortunate enough to listen.

Anyway coming back to Ryan, I am not much of a media person and often I am unaware of what is going on in the entertainment world but Ryan Seacrest fills me up every morning. He along with Ellen brings in the juiciest of gossips and news in the entertainment world which otherwise I don’t bother to find out about.

I know there are a lot of people who don’t like Ryan Seacrest but I guess that is part of his profession. Being a celebrity makes you both likeable as well as unlikable. You will have tons of followers as well as a ton of haters. Known as the person with the highest number of jobs, here are a few things I admire about Ryan and would like to follow:

1. Started working very young – He started hosting a radio show at the age of 16. He started off as an intern there but made use of the opportunity given to him when one of the host was out sick and he ended performing really well to get his own segment.

2. Passionate about his work and followed his dream/talent that he was good at – He believed in his talent of public speaking and was passionate about it. Like everyone he started off as a novice but worked very hard on multiple projects to fulfill his dream.

3. Highest paid host – It is believed that when he first started working in a radio station in LA his starting salary was $15 per hour but now he is the highest paid television host to date.

4. Works almost 24*7 – I read somewhere that he never has time to rest. He constantly works on different things – hosting radio, television shows, and red carpet interviews and produces shows as well. A lot of first time celebrities who become famous with their first song or first movie become choosy after that and end up being a loser. Ryan however did not get carried away by the initial success but kept working more with every opportunity he got.

5. Manages to stay fit with the job schedule – A lot of people become sloppy when they have crazy work schedules, but Ryan manages to stay fit and in shape. I hear him talking about drinking veggie smoothies and other health foods a lot of time during the show.

6. Doesn’t give up – keeps working on different projects – He wasn’t born with a silver spoon neither did he have a magic bullet to get to fame; he had to work hard for it. Like everyone else he too faced a lot of failures. A lot of his shows and productions did not do well but that did not stop him from trying. He moved onto other projects only to improve and perform much better each time.

7. Strategic – He is also strategic in the way he handles his business, perhaps this comes with the  exposure and experience that he gains with the different people and celebs he meets on the job. He manages to procure stake at the shows that he hosts which in turn makes him the co-owner of the show.

Malcolm Gladwell in his book Outlier’s says that for a person to be extraordinarily successful, he needs to put in at least 10,000 hrs of practice. People don’t become successful overnight; it comes with a lot of practice and determination. Bill Gates, Steve Jobs are such examples. We should all take inspirations from these people to focus on what we like to do and do it with full passion to achieve great success.

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