Do you thank people enough?

Sometimes we get so busy in our lives that we forget to thank people who are responsible for all the comforts that we get in our life. Of course we thank the obvious people in our lives like our family, friends or any other person who helps you in a direct way. But do you thank the non obvious ones enough – the ones that help you in an indirect way?

Let’s take a sample day in a person’s life. Most of us might stay in apartment or home. Do we thank the maintenance guy, the security guard who guards us every day, the lady who keeps the common areas clean, the gardener who keeps the garden beautiful, the mailman? At work – do you thank the admin person who takes care of the building, the facilities person, the secretary, the canteen lady? In school do you thank your teacher, the support staff? When you are at a bar or restaurant, do you thank your waiter or bartender?

I know thanking everyone might not be feasible at all times but do we thank them when we get a chance? The other day I was at my office working late in the night and the cleaning people came over to pick up the trash. They come daily to my office, go over to each person’s desk and clean the trash box one by one. I was busy working and suddenly it struck me that this person comes here every single day to pick up trash and I haven’t thanked her even once. So that day when she came over to my place – I turned around and thanked her. She smiled and left but I could see she was glad that I acknowledged her.

Sometimes we fail to thank the obvious ones too. Most of us work around with teams or groups of people. And for the success of a particular task you need teamwork. Many times it happens that we fail to thank the person responsible for the completing the small things which seems unnecessary for us but without which our work is incomplete.

I work in IT and when a project succeeds the obvious thanks and congratulation mails goes to the developers, designers, the business analysts, the testing folks and the manager but sometimes people forget the supporting team like the infrastructure team, the systems engineering team, the DBA‘s, the configuration management team. For those who are unfamiliar with the terms above they are the people who are not involved directly in the project but without their help the project cannot be completed either. I guess you get the point.

Thanking is one of the smallest and easiest of things that you can do to make someone happy. You don’t loose anything by thanking someone and it’s the least you can do to let others know how grateful you are.

Here is what you can do. When you get some free time, make a list of all the people who play a role in your life in a direct or indirect way and find ways to thank them. See if you can think of ways to surprise them. Thank someone whom you have never thanked before today and see how much happiness you bring to them.

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