Intuition – Bane or boon?

Ever had an intuition about something and it came true? It happens a lot with me. They say women have a stronger sense of intuition than men. I am not sure how much of that is true but it does happen a lot among women. One possible explanation for that could be because women generally think or worry about a lot of issues, a lot more than men. Another probable explanation could be – that if something goes wrong men don’t trace it back to conclude that they had an intuition about it, they are more into fixing it rather than proving that they knew about it before it happened.

That’s a good way of dealing with things. Without getting into an argument about who is right, let move forward and take a deeper look at intuition.

Intuition is the process of decision making without the use of a fully processed rational balancing of pros and cons and/or weighing of possible consequences.

Having a intuition is not a problem but not able to do anything about it is the problem. Most of us ignore our intuition. We get that feeling that something is not going to happen as planned and we still ignore it because some part of our mind still believes that the intuition is not true. It is also like gambling. It is a hit or miss scenario, you either trust your intuition and go with it or you ignore it.

I don’t care about intuition as long as it is about me, because what I decide to do about it, is my responsibility. But what I hate about it – is when I have an intuition about someone else’s life and I am not able to control it. Just last week, I had an intuition about something in my friend’s life who lives on the other side of the globe. Although I was nervous, there was not much I could do to, so I ignored it. A few days later I received a call from my friend saying what has happened and to my disgust it was almost the same that I had imagined before.

Intuition should not be confused with instincts. Instincts are something you are born with while intuition comes with experience. Although both of them are more or less the same and does not carry with it the sense of reasoning.

It is generally said that people should go with their instincts as it comes from your brain and it probably knows what’s best for you. Going with the instincts or trusting your intuition can be a good option provided you are ready for failures too. On the other hand you can choose to ignore everything that your brain says and use the practical approach to evaluate and do things as needed.

Both paths has their own success and failure ratio. When you choose the first path and fail you tend to blame the latter and vice versa. The best thing to do and this is strictly my opinion – is to have a blend of both. Trust your instincts when you need to and once you do it don’t even think about the other option, same implies for the other option too. No matter what you use to make a decision, ultimately you are accountable for it. As long as you can justify yourself and stand by what you decided, it doesn’t matter whether it was intuition or practical.

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