Good people do exist

I have been tired of meeting people who do things with some ulterior motive in their mind or with the intention of receiving benefit for themselves. There are very few people who actually do things because they love doing it and not to gain profits for themselves or their business.

Take for example dentists. It is a very good profession to earn money. Most of the patients have no clue what is going on deep inside the corners of their mouth and it is easy for the dentists to deceive them. Also there is no regulation on the amount of money the dentist charges for a particular treatment. One may charge $500 for a root canal while the other may charge $1500 for the same thing.

Honestly, I hate going to dentists. But I have a sweet tooth and unfortunately I get cavities once in a while. 2 years back I had a cavity in one of my tooth and had to visit the dentist to show it. She said it’s a small cavity and added a small filling to fix it. About 10 months later I again had a pain in that tooth. This time I went to a different dentist and this person said that I needed 2 root canals, 3 fillings, and 1 invisalign treatment. He gave me a huge estimate. Needless to say I never went back to him.

By now my pain was in control so I delayed my visit to the dentist for a few more months. This is when a friend of mine referred me to his dentist. I decided to visit her and get an estimate of the things needed for my tooth. She was very sweet. She took my x-rays and examined them and told me that I definitely needed 1 root canal. She said that there are no signs of filling in my tooth which means that either the old filling came out or was never done.

After checking with my insurance for my dental coverage, I started my treatment with her. She started by doing deep cleaning and then root canal, post and crown. All of this was done in 2 months and the total cost was $500. She also gave me loads of dental goodies like toothbrush, toothpaste as complimentary gift. Although my insurance coverage was over after this treatment, she promised to give me a free cleaning again after a few months.

I was actually surprised seeing her behavior. There was one doctor who was so money minded that he almost forced me into getting the root canal done on the same day and there is this doctor who doesn’t care about money but serving the patients even if that means taking a few losses, working overtime or scheduling appointments to meet the client’s needs.

How many of us do that in our daily life. We are all profit oriented. We don’t care if the customer benefits or not, all we care is to earn our share of money and go on with our lives. Leave the doctors aside think of a teacher. How many people do you know who would be willing to teach poor kids for free or help out in teaching the needy for free. I bet very few. How about lawyers, many people are unable to get good lawyers when in need because they couldn’t afford them.

I don’t mean to say that everybody should stop making profits and start giving out services for free. The point is not to go over the board in the process of money making and ignore those who are in need. There are Good Samaritans everywhere who would have helped us when we needed them. Similarly, we all do come across situations in life where we get to be the Good Samaritan. We have a choice to cut down a little bit so we can accommodate others. It is the choice that we make in such situation that would differentiate us from others. Think about it and make the right choice.

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