Obsession Vs Liking

I can officially say now that I am addicted to chocolates. And I don’t intend to do anything about it. Not just chocolate but chocolate flavor in general. I love it and I have researched enough to see if it is bad but couldn’t find anything noteworthy to make me stop liking it.

That does not mean I am a chocoholic. If you enter my kitchen you won’t find any candy jars filled with chocolate truffles neither do I have my pantry loaded with chocolates. But I do buy chocolate milk every so often (I know I am an adult and chocolate milk is consumed by kids mostly) and I also have a small box of chocolate ice cream in my freezer that I haven’t touched for the last 3 months and I also have chocolate syrup that I add to my mocha once in a while.

A lot of people confuse obsession with liking. There is a very thin line between the two. Being obsessed can cause a lot of issues in your lives. I was once obsessed with Pringles. Read my post on My addiction to Pringles about it. This is different than my chocolate addiction. I replaced my regular meals with Pringles which caused many health issues for me. Being obsessed and having a liking are two different things.

I am not being biased here but it is okay to like one particular thing (flavor). It is different to be obsessed with it. Being obsessed would mean that I am having chocolate at all times in the day like during meals and in between meals as well. Whereas having a liking doesn’t necessarily mean having it all the times; instead it means whenever I find myself in a situation where I have to chose between chocolate and something else – I go for chocolate.

For example if I go to yogurtland – I will add a scoop of every chocolate variety they have and add chocolate chips on it and chocolate syrup on top. Yes, I don’t mix and match when it comes to chocolates. I also don’t like milk chocolate or white chocolate. I only like the dark ones. Same goes when I buy cake or milk shake or anything else.

If you seem to be addicted to a particular thing – check if it is liking or obsession. Here are a few simple tips to know if you are obsessed.

1. How many such items are at home?

2. How often do you eat them?

3. Do you see yourself going to the shop just to buy that?

4. Do you dream/salivate about it?

If you answered yes to two or more of the above questions then it’s time to change things a little bit. Addiction is bad be it alcohol, drugs, food or chocolate. Although I like eating chocolate I make sure I don’t overdo it. That explains why my ice cream is untouched for the last 3 months. That’s also one of the reasons why I don’t stock up chocolates at home.

I love baking and every so often when I feel like trying something new especially with chocolates, I do it when my friends come over to my place or I take it to work to let me colleagues try it. That way I don’t have a whole lot of chocolate soufflé or crème brulee at home just for me to hog over. :). I know I am good at sharing the love (or in this case sharing the calories ;)).

The point is don’t overdo anything and don’t under do it either. Going on both extremes is bad. Enjoy what you like as long as it doesn’t come on your way of living a healthy life. Don’t become a slave of your obsession instead be a master of your liking.

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