How to let go of things

A vast majority of the problems occurs in our lives due to our incapability to let go of things. There are many things in our everyday life that does not happen according to our will and there are lots of things that go wrong. We feel bad, rejected, angry, and sorry and sometimes we find it very hard to move forward.

The ability to dwell in the past and not moving in the future is one of the prime reasons for a person’s failure. Great people succeeded in life because of their ability to move forward. Take for example Steve Jobs. He was kicked out of the company that he created, in one of his interviews he said that he felt very sad when all the CEO’s of the Silicon Valley were invited to a conference around that time and he was left out. It was very painful for him. But he did not dwell in that. He moved on and did something bigger which eventually led him to be the CEO of his company again. Not only that, he became known worldwide for his work.

I see a lot of people at work who are not happy with their work and keep cribbing about it but not doing anything for it. They spend hours discussing how bad the management is, how poor the compensation is but if it really matters then get up and do something about it. I agree it is hard to change the management but do something that makes you happy. Look for better job or do something that would give you visibility to the higher management. I can go on and on but my main intent for this post is to help you figure out areas which you should let go.

Below are a few of them:

1. Ego: A lot of people especially between couple’s problems arise when there is ego between them. If you love a person, ego shouldn’t come on the way. Let go off your ego and see how things change. It is okay to be the first one to say sorry or to accept your mistake.

2. Possessiveness: Being possessive about anything – be it your money, ego, girlfriend, job, title anything is bad. It also makes it hard for you to cope up when you lose something that you are possessive about.

3. Unnecessary beliefs: A lot of people dwell on their own beliefs and ideas. This makes you judge people unnecessarily. For example having your own beliefs about gay people or black people or latinos or any other immigrant makes you take decision unfairly. No matter how much you deny it, if you have that feeling at the back of your mind, it will definitely come on your way of fair judgment.

4. Fear: Fear is also one of the most important things to let go. The fear of failure, the fear of losing someone or just the fear of anything else can hold you from doing what you really wanted to do. Let go off your fear and face the outcome. Only by facing the fear you can overcome it.

5. Money: It is hard for rich people to let go off their money. No one comes into the world carrying money neither does anyone takes it with them. No matter how rich you are, your chances of dying are the same as the person who has no money. Letting go of the feeling to constantly make money and ignoring other important things in life should be changed.

6. Anger: Being angry will only harm you in the long run. It will make you irritating around others and slowly people will distance themselves from you. I know things can be unfair in life and there could always be someone out there who annoys you a lot but trying to keep cool will help you focus on other important things and also help you not get stressed.

7. Revenge: No matter what wrong people did to you, it is easy to forgive and forget. Never think about getting back on people just because they were mean to you.

8. Negativity: Some people dwell on negative feelings all the time. If things are going bad all the time with you, it doesn’t mean it won’t become right later. Some people just keep thinking of all the bad that happens to them and waste time. Thinking about it will do no good to you; it will only make you emotionally weak. Try to not think about it and focus on new things.

9. Past: This is one of the most important things out of all the points given above to let go. No matter what has happened before be it work, family, friends, relationships, forget what happened and make a new start.

Don’t dwell on the past. Think of what you can do to improve your future.

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