Happy Friday everyone. Friday is my favorite day of the week and I bet it is the favorite for most of us. There is something about Friday that makes us happy. Every day in the morning especially in the winter I find it very hard to wake up, but on Friday’s I look forward to waking up in the morning and going to work because I know I don’t have to do that for the next two days.

Friday marks the beginning of the weekend and also the beginning of celebrations and any other big plans if any. There are many things about Friday that make people like it. Few examples below:

  • Fridays are also days when people leave from work early.
  • Some places have casual attire on Friday, which again makes it easy for people to look forward to it.
  • We also have a Friday lunch out at work, where most of us get together and go for lunch on Fridays. Rest of the days most people either bring their own lunch or go home or just go grab a sandwich from some place nearby. This is often accompanied by a long lunch break.
  • All throughout the week, I try to eat healthy but somehow I give up all that for Friday night and the weekend. A few years back while I was living with roommates Friday nights used to be Pizza nights at our apartment along with movie time.
  • In the company that I work for, most changes that we make to our internet based application happens on Thursday evenings. The reason is because not many customers use our application on Friday and hence the traffic is less and if there are any issues with the new changes that we introduced then the impact would be less and of course from the management perspective they have the whole weekend to fix things put and get it ready by Monday.
  • Friday’s are especially important for people in long distance relationship as it gives them an opportunity to meet. I had a friend who used to look forward to Friday’s as she travels to meet her boyfriend every alternate Friday. Not just that Friday’s and weekends are times when we get to spend time with our friends most.
  • Friday’s are when new movies come out so all the movie buffs look forward to it every week.
  • Friday’s are good for retailers as the sales go up in movie theaters, restaurants, bars etc.

For those who stay alone, don’t worry, Friday nights can still be fun. Below are a few things that you can try on if you are alone and don’t like to go out. This can be tried out even by those who are not alone but don’t like going out on Friday nights because it’s too crowded everywhere on Fridays:

  1. Have a nice bubble bath.
  2. Karaoke at home, you don’t need to have a karaoke player to do that, there are enough sources online where you can download a karaoke player and start singing.
  3. Hit the gym or swimming pool, if you like doing that especially if you don’t get enough time during weekdays to do some physical work.
  4. Order food from outside or at least try to have something that you like such as ice-cream or some dessert on Friday night.
  5. Friday night is a good time to try your hobbies on especially if you are staying alone. If there was something that you wanted to bake try it instead of
  6. The last one is my favorite – watching movie and sleep late and do not worry about waking up early next day. 🙂

Hope you guys have a wonderful and fun filled weekend.

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