Why are people obsessed with food?

I can’t imagine why people give so much important to food. We have a breakfast club at work and one day every week a person would bring breakfast for the rest of the people. What started as a fun activity has now resulted into an obsession. If by any chance the person bringing breakfast is late by a few minutes, all the other people at work turn into hungry wolves. They keep calling him, asking each other whose turn it is and the moment food comes, they all jump into it.

Most of the time there is sufficient food but still people rush to the place to grab the first bite. There are supposedly no ground rules for the club but whenever someone brings donuts or bagels people don’t like it. One day a person was held up with some stuff at home, his wife was sick and he had to take her to hospital and also drop his kid to school. So in between this he forgot to order breakfast in advance and ended up bringing some bagels and cream cheese on his way to work. Instead of thanking him, everyone showed cold shoulder to him. They accused him of bringing bad food not behind his back but on his face.

I felt terrible about this. It’s just food after all. My dad always taught me that one should eat to live and not live to eat. Another good thing that one of my friend’s dad taught me was to eat your meal enough to leave space for another dessert. He did not mean that we should have another dessert, what he really meant was not to make your stomach completely full after a meal but to leave some room.

I have been in different countries had different kinds of good some good, some really bad and with all the experiences I have learnt not to depend on food so much in my life. I can survive on any place with any kind of food or no food at all.

Lots of people in the US are suffering from obesity and the primary reason for that is unhealthy eating. I knew someone who used to live on round table pizza for all the 3 meals of the day every day. Needless to explain what happened next.

There are a few people I know whose life revolves around food. They talk about food all the time at work, they post pictures of food or like and comment on friends pictures of food on facebook. The first thing they want to know when they come to work is to what food their friends brought for lunch. They discuss food and recipes all the time and whenever they hear someone else discussing anything about food or see them bringing a snack, you will find them there. Basically they just live for food.

Needless to say most of these people indulge in unhealthy food eating and are often fat or obese. Here’s another funny thing – one such person I know who is obsessed about food but at the same time wants to consume less calories. Duh!!!

It’s nice to enjoy good food but to be obsessed with it is really not a good idea. There are so many better things to do than just eating. Also when someone keeps thinking about food all the time, it sends signals to your brain which tells you to eat more. So basically even if you are not hungry, when you see pictures of food or talk about food, you are likely to feel hungry and crave for food. This will result in overeating and its related side effects. Obsession with food is as dangerous as smoking, alcohol or drugs. Do not make food an important thing in your life; it is just one of the few things that you need to live – just like clothes, house and a healthy body. Eat healthy and stay fit.

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