Reality Shows – How real are they

Reality shows are a big hit nowadays. Every channel has its own version of reality shows. From music shows, to talent shows, to shows which lock up a bunch of losers in a house for a few months, the list goes on and on. These shows have become so famous that there are more than one versions of the same show in different countries with the content being slightly changed to suit the audiences.

I used to follow a few of these shows many years back. At first it appears real and you feel like what you see is what really happens there but as I continued watching the show, it turned out that it was all scripted. It was very evident. In most shows, the so called reality television stars try to maintain an image – some would be extremely bitchy, some very bossy, some very nice, some who would always keep swearing and most of them would be the typical drama queen. And as the show progresses you notice that the good people get evicted early and the ones that make more noise and fights end up staying till the end and the obvious one will not win the show while the 3rd obvious one who most likely will be the underdog ends up winning.

There are many shows which decide the winners based on votes received from the audiences but there is no visibility on how valid the voting numbers are. The results can easily be manipulated. Some reality shows are a little smart. They tend to cheat the audiences by making the results a little different that they expect but the end result is the same.

There was this show which chooses its participants from the common people and makes them perform some tasks and competition like a beauty pageant or something and then as the show goes one, one person emerges as the winner. A certain contestant who got evicted unfairly came out and blurted to the media about the unfair behavior of the producers in show. Of course she was shunned away quickly and everything was hidden about it.

The truth is nothing is real. Everyone is there to make profits. The bottom-line is these people in show business are very clever. They use publicity even if it’s negative publicity for getting famous. It was never a surprise for me when I heard about Kim K when she decided to go public with her wedding and then break it after a few months. This is not the first time anybody is doing it on TV. There are numerous shows that I am aware of which took place few years back where the celebrity chooses the spouse through a reality show and then goes for a high profile public wedding only to hear either the news of their break up a few months later or that the whole show was scripted.

Well the celebrity had made money by that time, the producers got their money and the advertisers got profits too, the only people who were not benefited by this whole drama are the common man who wasted their time and energy watching all this non-sense. You cannot blame them for putting you through this. It is people who made them famous. Had not the people and media paid any attention to all the hoopla behind these reality shows and weddings, they would not gone to such an extent and publicize every small details about them.

Well I am not against these shows and I am not asking people to stop watching them but there is a certain limit to how much information we can take. I feel the media simply portrays these normal people as celebrities and make a top story out of nothing. I mean come on who wants to know where Person A goes for shopping or who person B is dating or how much they weigh and what they eat and so on. Hopefully in the coming year’s people and the media do find the importance of time and try to provide quality stuff.

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