Some weird things I want to do before I die

I am sure all of us have our own wish list to fulfill before we get old or die or get married or attain a certain age. We get so busy in our daily work and lives that we fail to achieve what really makes us happy. Believe it or not, no matter how much we talk and proclaim about living on your dreams and fulfilling our wishes while we are young, we still fail to do so. However it doesn’t hurt to have a wish list that you want to fulfill and update it as and when you can think of a new wish.

 To me it’s more about taking time to realize my dreams. This is an evolving list and changes as my interests change. Few items in the list are already done and few are half done.

 1. Travel without packing: I had this weird idea the other day to travel to some place without carrying anything except for my wallet. I would probably buy a few clothes in the new place and before returning back donate it to goodwill or some other thrift store.

 2. Travel to a random place: Most of my wish list is around travelling, that probably because I love travelling a lot. But given my work, I am not able to do that often. So here is what I want to do, decide one day that I want to travel some place, go to the nearest airport, get a ticket to any random place and fly there. I would probably combine this with the first point.

 3. Visit all the 50 states of US: I have already visited around 13 states; hopefully I should be able to cover the rest soon.

 4. Visit all the continents – This is self explanatory, I also have a list of countries that I would like to cover. Currently I am nowhere close to completing this wish; hopefully I should get more time in the coming years.

 5. Write a book: I always loved writing but never took it seriously. I have already started writing a few short stories and I also have an idea for my book. I hope in the coming years I write not just one but more than one books.

 6. Learn Psychology: I have wanted to learn psychology but never had the time to do it. So I would like to take it up seriously whenever time permits and learn more about human psychology.

 7. Do all the adventure sports: I have already done skydiving, bungee jumping, hot air balloon ride but I would still like to do Para gliding, deep sea diving, snorkeling, white water rafting etc.

 8. Surprise someone pleasantly: I like to surprise people a lot and I do it a lot of times. I live thousands of miles away from my home and sometimes I visit my mom without letting her know that I am coming. Sometimes, I send gifts to friends and families when they are least expecting it. But this particular thing that I want to do is something more serious than just sending gifts. I haven’t thought of what I would do to achieve this but I guess when the time comes I will know and I will be able to do this.

 9. Road trip across the country: I would like to travel across the US on road and there are specific places that I would like to cover like the point where four states meet. The problem is I would need a long vacation for this, hence this plan is still under wraps.

 10. Visit a few shrines: I am a religious person and I had this wish from my childhood to visit a few shrines when I grow up. I will skip describing the list. I am less than half way through it, I will probably cover it along with point 3 and 4.

 11. Attend ball drop in Times Square: I wanted to do this just for the hype around it but I might pass this one unless I know someone who works in those buildings near Times Square and lets me enter there without waiting in the crowd all day. I personally cannot wait so long in a crowd.

 12. Open a 501C: I want to open a nonprofit organization. Although I am not a very rich person, I still would like to contribute a little every month and form this organization. My main idea is to work for the benefit of orphans but depending on how things go I might extend it to the old and homeless people and animals as well.

 The idea is not to leave your work and go after fulfilling the list but to work towards fulfilling it when you take breaks during your daily lives. Life has to be a balance of work and pleasure. Do not wait till you get retired or until you are diagnosed with a deadly disease to fulfill your dreams instead start doing it from today.

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