The Quiet Man at the corner

There is this very sweet person at work who just minds his own business. His cube is on one corner of the workplace and he hardly talks to anyone. He comes on time daily, usually very early, does his work, doesn’t talk much with others except when he has to ask any clarification about work to others and then leaves back home on time. Although he is not a loner, he does have friends and social life, he just doesn’t mingles with everyone.

Perhaps he doesn’t find anyone of his bandwidth at my workplace. Few people at work the so called extroverts consider him as abnormal but I don’t find anything wrong with this person. I once happened to be working in the same project as him and got a chance to interact with him.

He is really a nice person, we spent lot of time and finished lot of quality work in a short time and everyone was really happy about it. We were actually a perfect team. Seeing us work so well together, we got pulled over for various other projects too. During this time, this person started to open up a little bit with me, I guess he found me to be of the same wavelength as him. I felt glad as I haven’t seen him talk much to others and was happy to be friends with him.

He shared lot of things about him, like who his family are, who his friends are, what he does other than work and so on. Though he never asked anything about my life (which I liked). I guess he figured I would tell him if I needed too.

I am the kind of person at work who talks to everyone but not close friends with anyone. So in other words, I might seem like an extrovert to others (especially the extroverts) but within me I was an introvert. So after I came to know more about this quiet person, I soon changed the opinion of my extrovert friends about this person and told them about the good qualities of this person (without giving any person details about him of course). I starting defending this person and actually happened to change the mindset of a lot of people at work who think odd about people who are quiet.

Believe it or not, I once used to be a quiet person too and still do to some extent and I really can’t bear others talking bad about a person just because he is quiet or doesn’t talk much or simply different than others. Never judge a person without knowing about his side of the story, you never know what is going on with them. Anyway, I am glad I was that one person whom he actually considers as friend at work and I was also able to clear things about him to others.

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