My Addiction to Pringles

About 2 yrs back I was addicted to Pringles. I had always loved potato chips right from my childhood days but what started as a small liking ended up being a serious addiction. I used to buy stacks of Pringles chips and have it at home. Once I return back home from work, I would start popping down the chips until I was full and then won’t have my dinner. Slowly Pringles replaced my snack, lunch and dinner. One day one I started having a severe outbreak of acne. I have never had acne before. It got worse before I could realize. I went to the doctor, studied lots of online articles to find out the cause for my acne and all of them were leading to my poor eating habits. That is when I stopped having Pringles. I removed all kinds of junk food from my diet immediately. After about 9 months my acne got cleared and I was back to normal again. I don’t eat any chips now.

Some of us learn the hard way. Although snacks, potato chips and junk food are not bad if we take them in minimal quantities but when you replace them with your regular diet – it starts to become a problem. I had a cousin who used to like drinking coke a lot. This happened probably when he was around 6yrs old. He used to be a poor eater. He would take a bite of regular food and gulp it down with water. The only thing that he used to like drinking was coke or Pepsi. His parents did not pay much attention until one day it got worse and he was not allowed to drink soda for the rest of his life.

We see a lot of examples in our life daily either with us or with people known to us who have been effected by having junk food but still in most cases we fail to recognize the ill effects of these foods until we fall sick. I know giving up junk food can be very hard and it takes a lot of effort to say no to them especially if you work in a place like mine where there is lots of free junk food available daily.

I won’t tell how you can control your addictions but I can probably list a few of the junk food that you should stay away from. So next time you see these foods, just think twice before you stretch you hand to grab it.

1. Donuts
2. Fried food – French fries, onion rings, and jalapeno rings even zucchini fries, artichoke fries, garlic fries, cheese sticks
3. Chips – Pretzels, Nachos
4. Cookies – Cakes, icecream, ding dong, and everything with excess sugar on it.
5. Candies
6. Soda – Fruit drinks or other sugary drinks
7. Caffeine
8. Pizza, Burgers, Hotdogs, Tacos, Chicken nuggets
9. Sugar loaded breakfast cereal, Protein bars

Some alternatives:
1. Fruits
2. Nuts
3. Natural juice – Freshly squeezed lime juice or smoothies.
4. Yogurt
5. Peanut Butter on whole wheat bread
6. Grilled meat or baked salmon (seafood)
7. Soup or salad
8. Tea or decaf coffee

You don’t have to completely avoid junk food neither do you have to completely switch to the alternatives. Use your own judgment and if you feel that you have been going to the junk list more often than the alternatives then it’s time to switch things a bit. Bon Appetite!!!

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