How to remove stress while at work

Work can sometimes get very stressful. Sometimes it’s because of your boss, sometimes because of your annoying colleagues, sometimes it’s just the work. Unable to finish a deadline or that colleague of yours who is constantly bugging you for help. No matter what profession one is in, we all get into stress at some point. Well, maybe not everyone, there are some people who don’t take stress at all or at least show like they don’t, but the rest of us do fall into the trap.

I have a colleague at work who annoys me a lot. He has this habit of not listening to others opinions (not just mine) and feels like he knows everything. Sometimes he goes to the extent of showing others work as his own to get attention. Fortunately for him, most others in the team are humble and let it go. They don’t make a big deal out of it. I often try not to react to him but sometimes it goes out of hand. I can tolerate everything except when somebody else takes credit for the work done by me.

Yes some things can really make me stressful at times and when that happens it really start effecting my health. I am still working on dealing with this person but here is generally what I do when I need to relieve stress.

1. Listen to music: Always carry an iPod or mp3 player or anything else that can make you listen to music at work unless you are in the front office attending to customers. It might not be appropriate there.

2. Decorate your space: Put nice pictures/objects that give positive energy. The idea is to make you feel happy when you look at them. Put something that can instantly shift your focus from work like a picture of your child playing or your favorite comic stip. It will help you relax immediately, although care should be taken not to display any intimate or offensive pictures at workplace.

3. Take ample short breaks: Make it a point to take enough short breaks throughout the day. Make it a point to get up from your place and go out every one and half hours. And make sure to take your 45-60min lunch break. I used to have my lunch at my desk for a long time until I realized how important it is to get that break. I stay close to work, so now I make it a point to go home to have my lunch and get energized and come back for the other half of the day. At times when I am not able to go home, I make it a point to leave my cube during lunch hrs, take a short walk or something.

4. Drink lots of water: A friend of mine once told me a good way to take breaks. He said, keep drinking lots of water during the day, that will make you get up from your desk and go to the restroom often and also to refill your water bottle. Lol not a bad idea actually. Not only do you get your break, drinking water hydrates your skin and provides health benefits too.

5. Don’t think the company won’t run without you: This is probably one of the most important point. Don’t ever think that you are the most important person at work and that your company won’t survive without you. That’s never true. Most people tend to take lot of work and pressure because they feel they need to finish everything by themselves and they can’t hand over part of their work to others. This is completely untrue, the company will work pretty much the same way even without you.

6. Don’t take things personally: If someone at work said something that annoys you or irritates you, just don’t take it seriously. Don’t make someone who doesn’t care for your feelings important enough to cause you stress. Sometimes it’s best to ignore such people rather than deal with the stress. Focus on doing your work well and leave every other annoying person behind.

Workplace is an important part of our life, we probably spend more than half of our time there, hence it is extremely important that we enjoy working and are not stressed at work. If work place makes you stressed for a long period of time then it might lead to adverse effects in your mental health and personal life. Hence learning to overcome stress is extremely important.

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  1. Rusty Loske says:

    Great blog.Really looking forward to read more. Really Cool.

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