Lost and Found

 Long time ago I had a dog named Cherry. She was about 8 months old German Shepherd, very smart and active. She loves to play with water. A friend of my dad took her with him for a month as his family was out of town and he was feeling lonely. After a few days we got a call from him saying the dog ran away. One of his servants weren’t paying attention to the dog while they were cleaning the place and the dog escaped. Cherry was very dear to me, we had never let her get outside the house alone before. My dad and I went around the city looking for her and also informed people around.

 Later in the evening, while my dad was in the coffee shop, he met one of his old friends who worked across the city. Dad told him about the missing dog and instantly his friend asked him for the description of the dog. On hearing the description he reported that he saw a similar looking dog in the fields on the outskirts of the city. He said it looked like a tamed dog but was scared to go near it. Dad immediately took his friend and went to the fields to look for the dog he was talking about. As they were nearing the fields, dad was able to see the dog sitting in the fields actually hiding under the bushes. The dog seemed to have lost its way and got scared to be out in open alone, so it was hiding there sitting all day in the same place. As soon as dad went closer, the dog leaped forward and came running to him. Both of them were glad to see each other. My dad carried the dog in his arms and brought her back home.

 We lose a lot of things in our daily life, some are precious and some are not. Many people go missing mysteriously and we never hear back from them again. Sometimes we get lucky and are able to get things back. Although it might seem impossible for us to keep an eye on everything that we deal with in our lives but sometimes things go missing because of a small negligence on our part. With technology progressing every day, it might be easier for us now to get back our lost cell phone or electronic goods or even a missing person due to the signals transmitted by the electronic goods that they may carry. However everyone doesn’t get lucky always.

 Sometimes kids run away from home just because they don’t get enough attention at home. Irrespective of the severity of the thing that is lost, our negligence plays a huge role in it. Being more conscious of people and things around us and taking an extra effort to make sure things are kept at the proper place and people are given the importance they deserve in our life might help us avoid losing them.

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