Screw it!!!

After many days I am completely blank on what to write. Probably because I was very busy at work today. I generally try to think for topics for my blog when I take breaks in between my work, sometimes I even use my lunch time for this. But today was a different story. I was heavily loaded with work. I even got late for my lunch and had to manage with a short break.

Sometimes when I am completely blanked out on what to write, I read other people’s blog and I instantly get ideas on what to write. Although I end up writing on a completely different subject than the blog that I just read. It’s really amazing how some people’s writings can inspire you. They tell you a story and you start relating to it and before you know you have a story of your own.

I stumbled upon this person’s blog today who had an amazing post on how to live a better life. And once I finished reading I noticed he had another post on how to screw up your life. Surreal but true. There is more to the post than just the 50 something ways that he suggested for each. The real point here is when you know the formula for success, you also learn know the formula for failure, it comes as part of your learning experience. It all depends on how we apply these rules.

At every point in our life we have two choices – one is a shorter path to success and we might end up hurting others in the process and second is a longer path which does not hurt others but will eventually lead us to success. Most of us probably have used both the choices at some point of their lives and although the easier way sounds tempting, it is not necessarily the best way to do things. But I wouldn’t suggest the longer way is the best one either. Sometimes things go out of control and you are left with no other choice. Lets face it life is not always like a movie with happy endings. Karma doesn’t always work. And bad things do happen to good people. The end result is the same but the choices we make at each junction of our life determine who we are and what we eventually become. It’s okay to choose the second option sometimes as long as your conscience is clear and 10yrs down the line you can justify your actions not to the whole world but to yourself.

Oh and by the way, the subject has nothing to do with the post. When I blanked out – I asked my friend to suggest a topic for my blog today as I was too tired to think of anything and this is the best he could come up with. 🙂

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