Sri Lanka War or Peace

I saw this movie yesterday about this young women in Sri Lanka who gets widowed soon after her marriage and then moves to India as a refugee, gives birth to her daughter only to give her up and return back to fight for her country. It really touched my heart. It just got me wondering that it could happen to anybody. Why are some people fortunate to have a good life and some unfortunate to struggle all their life?

I knew this person who grew up in Sri Lanka but his parents and siblings had to leave all that they had and move to India for the sake of safety. His father was a well known person there and he had 9 kids but when the conditions started to get worse, he had to leave his job and property to seek refuge in India. They had a nice house and were pretty well to do. The children came to India on their own, 2-3 kids clubbed together and got into the boat to get to India.

After coming to India, they had no place to go. They had to survive in the worst of the conditions. Since his dad had 9 kids, they did not have time and money to pay attention to all the kids. Somehow all the kids managed to study and get jobs and grew up well. Although i heard a lot of stories about his struggle to make a good life, I never heard about the violence that happened there. He probably did not want me to picturize Sri Lanka that way. He loved the country a lot and still loves it I guess. He always used to say that it is a very beautiful country just in the hands of the wrong people.

Although there has been quite a lot of progress there and a lot has been done to maintain peace there but I have heard both kinds of stories some saying that peace has been maintained now and others saying that there is still a lot of unrest. I just hope that whatever negative stories that I heard about them is not true and people do get to live in peace now.

When I hear such stories of violence and unrest in countries all over the world, it just makes me wonder and at the same time thankful to God for keeping me in a better position. Although, it’s hard to understand why some people in the world have to suffer, why there are poor people, why people in some countries die of hunger while people in some countries die of Obesity. Why people fight against one another. Why some are chosen to live a safe and secure life while some live in constant fear. Whatever the reason, as we step into the new year I just hope there is peace in the world and everyone gets to lead a good life and I also hope that I get to do something for the betterment of the world.

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