What makes you sad during holidays?

Holidays or festivals are times to be happy. There is love, joy and happiness all around you. The streets are all lit up which can make us forget the bad things that happened during the day and cheer us up. Holiday decorations, specialty treats, hot chocolate, eggnog, apple cider, shopping for gifts and to top it off the holidays. What more can you ask for.

Although all this makes me happy but when I think about it, I am actually happy only until the day before the holiday ends (For example, I am happy till the 24th or may be till the 25th of Dec). As much as I welcomed the holiday season for the last one month, there are a lot of things which makes me sad now especially on the last day of the holiday.

Here are a few top reasons that make me sad during holidays:

1. Being away from family or friends: Most of us plan to be with our families during holidays but there are lots of people out there who can’t make it due to work or various other reasons that they have no control of and it makes them really sad to be away from the near ones during holidays. I have been home only 5 times in the last 11 years for Christmas and the last one was 4 years back and it makes me very sad because there is nothing I can do to change it at this point but I am sure pretty soon things will change and I will get to spend Christmas with my parents again.

2. Saying Goodbye: Holidays makes us get together or meet up with a lot of friends and relatives, some whom we haven’t seen for months or probably years. Although it brings lot of happiness to get together but saying goodbye at the end of the holidays and getting back home is the tough part for both the parties especially if you don’t get a chance to visit them often.

3. Getting back to work next day: After all the partying and holidaying, it’s the eve of the day when you have to get back to work. Something just makes me gloomy thinking about it, not sure why. Although things get back to normal once you start going to work as usual but it can definitely make the last day of your holiday painful.

4. Guilty of eating lot of food: Holiday is a time for a lot of parties and good food and no matter how much you try to resist, you still end up eating a whole lot of food, most of which have a whole lot of fat in them. Although it is nice when you eat it, but once the holiday gets over you will feel guilty about those extra pounds that you gained and make you go running about trying to lose them.

5. Do the dishes and clean up: If you are hosting a lot of parties or having people over at your place then it’s always a pain when it comes to clean up. Most of the time the last day of the holiday when everyone has left, the host spends the whole day cleaning and tidying things up.

6. People who have to work on holidays: Whenever I am out with my friends or family during holidays, I always wonder how hard it must be for people who have to work on holidays especially those who are in retail business and those who are in medical field or security related field. I really admire these people, no matter what their purpose is they are still doing a great job serving others.

7. People who are alone: Seeing homeless people or those who have no one to celebrate the holidays with (like the orphans or old age people) makes me feel sad. Although I can’t do a whole lot to help them other than volunteer in a few but still the thought of me having fun when there are lots of people out there who don’t have enough makes me sad.

No matter what the reason is – that makes you feel sad or low at the end of the holiday season, here is something that can cheer you up. Only if one holiday ends the next one can come and unless we say goodbye to the first one we won’t be able to welcome the next, so be positive and gear up for the new day or New Year and before you know the next holiday will be around the corner and hopefully you will be able to do what you couldn’t do in the next holiday.

Happy Holidays!!!

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