Do you love your job?

How many of us do the job that we love. I bet most of us are doing things that we are forced to do either because that’s the best we could get when we graduated or we never had the courage to go away from the traditional path and do something that we liked doing. I know in today’s economy no one wants to take risks. We all try to be contented with what we are doing or perhaps some are forced to do the job because that’s what they could  get in this economy.

Whatever be the reason, it is still no excuse to not do what you always wanted to do. You may be stuck in a job that you don’t like doing because of personal commitments, but it’s never too late to start doing what you like to do. For example: If you like to write – start writing. You can start writing your own blogs, short stories, poems, work on a novel or anything else. You can devote sometime may be an hour in a day just to do this particular thing that you like doing.

Until a few months back I was in the same boat too. I used to spend my whole day at work writing computer programs. And not that I don’t like doing it. I love my job and I love programming. But sometimes it gets monotonous and I feel like doing something different. This is when I reflected back and thought what I would do if I was given a choice and not worry about my income.

It took me a lot of time to think and come up with a list that I would love doing if I dint have to worry about losing my income:

1. Travelling: Travelling is something I enjoy the most. I can probably live just by travelling. Although my job doesn’t allow me to travel much but I do get occasional vacations and holidays. So I started planning out a list of places both short term, mid term and long term places and visit them whenever possible.

2. Writing: I love reading books a lot and it somehow inspired me to write too. However I never devoted my time to write anything substantial other than school/college editorials. However I realized that I don’t have to spend a lot of time writing – I can just write one article per day and slowly make more time for it. I starting by writing one blog per day and now I have 3 blogs on different areas. I have plans to increase it to 5 to 7 blogs soon.

3. Photography: You really don’t need to devote a lot of time if you love photography. All you need is a camera handy with you wherever you go and take pictures. You don’t have to go anyplace fancy to get good pictures. You can click great pictures in your backyard or inside your house too. Again, you just need to make time for it.

4. Free lance programmer: Well I like programming a lot but what I would like even better is being able to program whatever I want and whenever I want. This won’t be possible in a typical software industry where you need to stick to your project needs and deadlines. However, things have changed a lot now. With the emergence of mobile technologies you can develop mobile apps whichever and whenever you want and sell them. You can also plan on a startup.

5. Art/Painting: Although I love art and painting but I never really devoted much time to it until recently when I came across this article about bottle cap art. I have started to devote some time now learning this. It doesn’t require any sophisticated stuff and can be done sitting at home. I started doing it and I am enjoying it. I hope to explore other forms of art too as I make time for it.

6. Cooking: Although I don’t eat much but I love learning to cook new dishes. This has become very easy now with loads of recipes available online. I try to learn a new dish every week or so.

7. Volunteer: Prior to becoming a software programmer, I wanted to be in medical field. However I never went that route but I still have that desire to serve people. You don’t have to be a doctor nurse to serve people. There are lot of volunteer groups available. You just need to find the right one that suits you and do something to serve other. Although I am still exploring this area as I am not a very social person and would like to do things alone or in very small groups rather than a large one but I hope I will be able to find what I want something soon.

There are many more things that I would like do other that the above list and this is an evolving list. What I am trying to say from all these examples is that you don’t need to quit your job to start doing something that you love doing neither do you have to learn a whole lot or buy expensive stuff to fulfill it. You just need to make a list of things you like doing and start devoting small amount of time to it daily and slowly increase it as you go ahead. And I am sure by the end of it you will feel happy and satisfied because you are spending considerable amount of time doing what you love to do and not impacting you regular life at the same time.

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