Lessons from my travelling experience

I love travelling a lot. Mostly alone or with a very small group. I usually don’t spend too much time on the same place while travelling and don’t visit the same place again unless I have friend or relatives living there or I need to take someone there to show the place.

There was this interesting trip I took with my brother which is one of the most memorable trip of all times. I was probably 19 and my brother 22. We left the house with a very small amount of money and our agenda was to visit 3 cities. We had travel tickets booked from home to Point A and from Point C to back home. What we dint have was travel arrangements from Point A to B and from B to C. We also had a free accommodation in point A but we dint have accommodation in point B and C. So here is what happened:

Day 1: We started from home, reached Point A and got the accommodation.

Day 2: We visited the place around and in the evening went around inquiring if there was bus to Point B. After sometime it became too late and we realized that it’s probably not very safe to go further in the night and we decided to take a train to Point B next day.

Day 3: We got tickets to go to Point B and got a hotel in Point B.

Day 4: We visited the places in Point B, by now we realized that our money was getting over and we still need to make it to Point C to catch our train back home. We dint have enough money to take a train from Point B to C so we decided to go to C without buying tickets.

Day 5: There is this train in India which goes super slow for example it takes about 14hrs to go from Point B to C while normal trains would take 3 hrs. We still boarded the train since it was free, but after 4 hrs we realized it doesn’t make sense to go in this train. So we left the train at a station midway between Point B and C and got into a bus which goes to Point C. The bus took us in 2 hrs to Point C. Now we needed a place to stay but all the hotels were very expensive and we did not have sufficient money to stay in a hotel. So we decided to stay in the railway station instead. We left our bags in the station locker room and freshen up and went out to see point C. The hard part was the night. Since we didn’t have beds to sleep we spent the whole night sitting on a chair in the railway station talking to each other to avoid sleeping.

Day 6: After somehow managing the whole journey, we were glad that the last day of the journey had come. We had enough money to visit a few more places in the morning and have dinner before we boarded our train back home in the night,

Day 7: We reached home safe in one place, although tiring but happy about the trip.

I have been to many other trips after this (of course this time better prepared) and thankfully nothing went wrong after that. Here are a few lessons that I learnt from these trips:

1. Have enough money: One of the blunders that we did during the trip was not taking a credit card. We just took some cash and left. It’s always good to have a backup source of getting money.

2. Make reservations: Even with less money our life would have been much simpler had we made our travel reservations to all points ahead and also if we had accommodations arranged at all the 3 points ahead.

3. Research on the places before you head there: This is very important if you are visiting the place for the first time. Researching the points of interests at a particular place makes you plan your itinerary well. Also research about the weather and local people, transportation, food etc. This will make you better prepared for the place.

4. Travel light: It’s very important to travel light as it not only helps you to not spend extra time managing your bags but it also helps you not to worry about where to keep them when you are on the go. One of the advantages we had when we dint have a place to stay in Point C was that we did not have too many bags. We could have carried it along with us.

5. Have a point of contact: You should always have the phone numbers of friends or relatives who are close to the place that your are visiting so that you can contact them in case of urgent needs. When travelling abroad make sure you carry the address and phone number of the nearest consulate of your country.

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